Weekly Porsche Wrap

5000 miles in a 2006 Porsche 997 – A couple of guys take a heck of a long trip in a 911. Makes for some interesting long term experiences in a pretty small car. The most amazing part was the mileage. [Via Examiner.com]

New 911 GT3 to be revealed – Porsche has announced that it’s going to reveal the new 911 GT3 at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3, 2009. Beefier engine, latest tech, and even Porsche’s Vehicle Tracking System. This promises to hit my Ultimate Car List. [Via FleetDirector.co.uk]

Is the Mac the Volkswagon of Computers? – I know this is off topic a bit, but given that Porsche has a controlling interest in VW AND the fact that Porsche is mentioned several times in the article, I thought it was fitting. My favorite Porsche reference in the piece: a Porsche-themed MacBook Pro. “Yummy” as Heidi would say. [Via LowEndMac.com]

The Temperamental Tao of Steve Jobs – Alright, one thing led to another and now I’m somehow on a Mac path. It DOES relate though. Here’s a quote: “If he wanted to create the Porsche of computers, a machine that was superior in aesthetics as well as engineering, why shouldn’t he spend a few minutes every day in the Porsche of automobiles?” Read the article if you’re interested in the context. [Via BusinessWeek.com]


  1. The Mac IS the Porsche of computers. I’ve gone Mac and I won’t go back.

  2. The new 911 GT3 sounds like it’s going to be hella cool. (Shout out to all NoCal’s out there) I wonder what an ‘Aerodynamics Package’ looks like? The word ‘Package’ always makes me laugh. I’m a junior high boy at heart.

  3. As someone who owns both a Mac and a Porsche, I would support a collaboration of the two. A Porsche Macbook would obviously be the fastest laptop out there.
    Mac > PC
    Porsche > all

  4. i will be counting down the days until march 3rd. i can’t wait