Porsche Weekly Wrap

Porsche World Roadshow in Dubai – The Porsche World Roadshow went back to Dubai this month and had all of its 2009 models in tow. The 10 day event gave about 400 customers the chance to experience each Porsche to its fullest. Sounds like a pretty sweet event. [Via Zawya.com]

Oregon Man’s Electric 914 – An interesting article about electric cars in general, in Portland of all places. John Benson’s self-converted 1970 Porsche 914 Electric is featured. An interesting read if electric or hybrid cars interest you. [Via CSMonitor.com]

Porsche and VW work on hybrid together – This is where owning a majority stake in VW will really start to pay off. Porsche and VW are working together on hybrid versions of their SUVs (Cayenne and Touareg). The two companies have been working together on the project for nearly three years and the two models share near identical technology. [Via Telegraph.co.uk]

Scania board rejects Porsche takeover offer – I’m sure everyone reading this has just fallen over in shock. What can I say? It’s a slow news week for Porsche. Now what would have been stinkin cool is if Scania had accepted Porsche’s minimum bid offer! THAT would have been some serious news. [Via RoadTransport.com]


  1. The Touareg hybrid is said to get 31 mpg, and expected to debut 2010, not bad.

  2. I believe the Cadillac Escalade hybrid only gets 20 mpg, pretty weak.

  3. An electric Porsche, there’s just something deeply wrong with that.

  4. that dubai show would be one to check out for sure

  5. Some of those oil guys in Dubai probably have Porsche for every day of the week. Good call for Porsche to do their roadshow, I’m sure they made a fortune.

  6. i’ve heard that electric cars have a lot of torque. check it out here

  7. I dont think a porsche makes it into many of Dubai’s garages. We’re talking more lambos, bentleys. Just a notch above.