Dealership of the Century: Gran Prix Imports


This is a bit off the usual topic, but I have to jump on the Compliment Soapbox for a minute and talk about Gran Prix Imports in Wilsonville, Oregon. I just swung by there to ask Jay Bernard, their Service Manager, a couple of Ferrari questions. I took my daughter with me who is absolutely in love with Lamborghinis to see if they would give her a ride in one. She’s been begging me to take her back after the General Sales Manager, Erik Clover mentioned a month or so ago he’d take her for a quick ride sometime on a nice day.

Well the nice day came and we headed over. I’ll stop here and say EVERY SINGLE TIME we walk through the door of Gran Prix Imports, we’re treated like high profile customers, even when it’s probably obvious we aren’t. They always offer us an espresso drink, water, etc. and encourage the kids to walk around and look at all the cars, take pictures, etc. Every single person, from sales staff to reception to service staff, treats us the same and they’re more than willing to chat about specs of the cars they have on the floor, reminisce of super cars of days gone by and share in the general “coolness” of these gorgeous exotics.

All of this happens despite the fact that we’ve been in at least half a dozen times just to look in the last 3 months. Every time I walk out of the dealership, I have a smile on my face and am reminded of what the typical run-of-the-mill car dealership should be like, much less an exotic car dealership with more hardware on the floor than my garage will likely ever see in my lifetime. It’s a far cry from how you’d expect to be treated unless you were carrying a suitcase full of money in to buy the latest Gallardo.

The interesting thing is, it makes you want to buy a car from them. In fact, the next vehicle I look for, I’m going to call Erik and see what he can find for me. I trust the dealership and appreciate how they do business.

Today was no different than our previous experiences. Erik absolutely made my daughter’s day today (thank you Erik!). Although it didn’t take much of his time to give her a short ride, I really felt like he went above and beyond in the midst of all of the things he had going on today. He even mentioned being shorthanded today as he pulled a brand new Lamborghini Gallardo off the showroom floor for the ride! My daughter was ecstatic to say the least.

On the service side, Jay Bernard is top notch and his techs are trustworthy and know their stuff. They ARE, afterall, the official Lamborghini Dealership for Portland, so they don’t have a choice. The crazy thing is, their service rates are less expensive than the Porsche dealership. I had them go through the 911 Cabriolet we’re giving away on the blog after we got it. They fixed a bunch of little things and did the major service due at a very reasonable rate.

Jay was straight up with me about what they found and what he felt needed to be fixed and what could wait or wasn’t really in need of fixing. That type of honesty and guidance from your service shop is invaluable. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them for any type of service or repairs on any exotics.

All in all, Gran Prix Imports embodies what a car dealership should be and sets the bar high for how they treat every “potential” customer. If you live in the area, are visiting, or looking for an exotic, check out their site or call them. You won’t be regret it.

Here’s their contact info and website address:

Gran Prix Imports Web Site:

Gran Prix Imports/Lamborghini Portland
25300 SW Parkway Ave
Wilsonville, OR 97070


  1. Man that’s right down the street. I am so gonna go in there this week.

  2. Sounds like excellent customer service. If only people could experience this sort of thing everywhere… I’ve been in the Porsche dealership twice over here. The customer service was great but their prices for oil changes, etc were unreasonable. Luckily I don’t go there anymore.

  3. I have driven by there over 500 times at least, it is about a mile from where I work. By now I am officially a stalker, of exotic cars I guess.

  4. I’m headed in for the free espresso! Forget about the cars.

  5. nice to see you promoting local business. plus it’s good to see local business with such great attention the customer service

  6. I have friends and coworkers who have purchased at Grand Prix before and they give the highest of recommendations about their service and staff. Whether you are looking or buying you should give them a look.


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