The Only Porsche 911 Police Vehicle in the US?

Hoover Police Porsche 911 by Shelby County Reporter

It pays to be a police officer in Hoover, Alabama. They’re droppin’ it like it’s HOT in their drug bust Porsche 911.

The Porsche 911 was being used to transport over $300,000 worth of cocaine when it was seized by police two years ago. Rather than auction it off, they decided to turn it into a bad guy nabbin police cruiser.

I used to see Porsche 911 police cars in Germany when I lived there, but I’ve never seen one in the states. I have no idea how big Hoover is, or even where in Alabama it is, but they have to be the envy of police departments all of the country.

You might want to watch your speed in Hoover.


  1. So when I own my first GT3 Im driving to Hoover and looking for this guy. Then I will smile and just take off. I should probably get my one phone call ready to go. Anyone have a relative in Hoover?

  2. Completely unrelated to Porsche but I believe Hoover was the town MTV filmed that show about the high school football team. Two a days it was called. Driving a 911 in this town must be pretty sick though considering you’re probably one of the few to own one…

  3. if the police force where i live gets one of these i’ll almost give up speeding. i’ve got it down which cars they have that are unmarked and what their headlights look like at night. i think it would just be unfair to have a cop car be a porsche. if they did the revenue they got from tickets would pay for the car in the first couple of months

  4. Ryan, I love the unintended pun. ‘Watch your Speed’ in Hoover. Drug car.. Oh I’m a nerd.

  5. i was driving home last night and i got paranoid because i saw a porsche stopped on a side street and i thought it could’ve been a cop. now i’ll never be able to drive again

  6. No one will try to outrun that cop car. You better just slow right down if he is behind you with his lights on.

  7. That thing is sweet! Reminds me of the old DARE cars from when I was young. I remember the DARE cop that came to our school had a Camaro that we all thought was the cat’s meow back then.

  8. Sure this is not a Cannonballers car? 🙂

  9. you must do a double take when you see this guy in your rear view those cops are lined up to drive this unit.

  10. Phil Schneider says

    paint scheme is a bit garish but if you have to be
    pulled over for speeding…
    hope the cop is a hot chick

  11. Note to self ….. never speed through Hoover, Alabama

  12. would have to take a picture if i got stopped by this car.would almost be worth the price of a ticket!

  13. you know if you ever drove through hoover,this is the one thing you would be hoping to see.

  14. Lar, one way to ensure to see this vehicle is to spped through and around Hoover.

  15. I actually live in Hoover, AL (well…a cheap town right outside of Hoover actaully) It’s in the Birmingham metro area. If you know anyone that lives in or around Birmingham they’ll tell you the whole area is confusing, all the cities run together because it’s all patchworked. Anyway, point is the car is supposedly used for publicity appearances only. I’ve lived in and around the Hoover area for 5 years and have never seen it. And two of those five years I was dating a guy that drove a G35 through the main drag of Hoover and literally tried to get pulled over just to talk his way out of tickets for fun. Lame… I know.