Porsche Panamera As A Tow Vehicle

Bet you haven’t thought about hitching the old trailer to your brand new Porsche Panamera and taking it on the next family camping trip…have you? I ran across these pictures on TopSpeed a few days ago. Made me laugh. Especially since the Panamera is pulling a Lotus Exige. I guess I just don’t see the […]

Three…ummm…interesting Porsches

World’s Worst Cayenne The first is a bastardized Porsche Cayenne. A reader on Jalopnik.com came across an older Asian man that was literally supergluing fake rhinestones onto his Porsche Cayenne in the parking lot of a store. He had already added reflective tape, thermometers, compasses, pins, badges and lights as part of his customization treatment. […]

Porsche 928 Successor?

Several car sites are asking the obvious question about the sketch of the 2 door Porsche Grand Touring car above. It’s an image used on the Porsche Consulting home page. Of course the speculation is that this is a representation of a 2-door Porsche…a 928 successor perhaps. We’ve had a number of rumors float around […]

Chicago Porsche Dealership Video

This is a great commercial with some sweet footage of a Porsche Panamera in the snow. Wouldn’t it be great to have a new Porsche, snow on an open lot and a camera? Or even better, a runway covered with snow!

Porsche Panamera Stingray by TOPCAR

Seems like Porsche tuners love customizing the Porsche Panamera. Not sure if that’s a good sign, or a bad one. Most of them have been pretty subtle. I’m waiting for that one Gemballa-like crazy tuned version of the Panamera. This one from TopCar is getting a bit closer. Spearheaded by Russian Porsche tuner TopCar, the […]

TECHART Matt Black Edition for Porsche Panamera

TECHART, a couple of days ago, announced an upgrade for the Porsche Panamera called the TECHART Black Edition. I, for one, am a pretty big fan of these matt black edition cars. At least from what I’ve seen in the pictures. It definitely feeds that superhero fascination that lurks inside me somewhere. This would be […]

Porsche Panamera On Ice

Maybe Porsche will give Disney on Ice a run for it’s money (sorry, bad joke). There’s just something about a Porsche on ice that is mesmerizing to me. I love this stuff. They test several different Porsche Panameras.

Porsche Panamera Technology Overview Video

I thought this video was pretty interesting. It’s a little dry presentation wise, but the cutaway car, plus the graphic examples show off the technology really well. Didn’t realize that the driver position in the Panamera was exactly the same as the 911.

Camo Porsche Panamera

This has got to be one of the stranger paint jobs I’ve ever seen on a Porsche (aside from Janis Joplin’s 356). It’s got a desert camo paint scheme. I’m not sure which is attracting more attention. The camo paint or the fact that it’s a Panamera.

3 New Programs From TECHART

Hot on the heels of the GTStreet R customization (actually they were all announced at the same time), TECHART has released information on three more customization options for Porsche cars. Two are for the Porsche Panamera and one is for the Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S. I’m liking TECHART’s approach more and more. I […]