Porsche 928 Successor?

Several car sites are asking the obvious question about the sketch of the 2 door Porsche Grand Touring car above. It’s an image used on the Porsche Consulting home page. Of course the speculation is that this is a representation of a 2-door Porsche…a 928 successor perhaps.

We’ve had a number of rumors float around the last 6 months about a front engine grand tourer. Something to bring back the super car, luxurious glory of the Porsche 928 that was last seen in 1995. The success of the Porsche Panamera has fueled the future model lust so much so that many of us 928 fans are starting to believe our own day dreams. I’ll spare you all the possible specification blather adoring fans are throwing around.

Whether or not the speculation is valid, it’s still fun to dream of a successor to the 928. Maybe my wife will like this one enough to let me get one!

What does everyone think? Porsche 928 reborn or useless rumor?

[Source: Porsche Consulting]


  1. I think you have to look at the business end of this. Will bringing back the 928 cost more to produce or is there enough possible buyers out there to make Porsche a profit. To me that is the bottom line, can Porsche produce this car and show a profit. As far as my own feelings, I would love to see a rebirth of the 928!

  2. Alot of times, Cars never seem to come out like the sketches…But if they do bring a successor to the 928 , and this is it, With this profile and stance.. Count me in !!!

  3. I don’t see why not it would fill out the line. The 911 and Cayman are sports cars, a Panamera coupe would be a great grand touring car.

  4. I think it is a great idea. The more Porsche’s on the road the better.