Porsche Panamera As A Tow Vehicle

porsche panamera towing lotus exige

Bet you haven’t thought about hitching the old trailer to your brand new Porsche Panamera and taking it on the next family camping trip…have you?

I ran across these pictures on TopSpeed a few days ago. Made me laugh. Especially since the Panamera is pulling a Lotus Exige. I guess I just don’t see the Panamera as a tow vehicle. Seems as wrong as some of the other “Porsche towing stuff” pictures we’ve seen in the past few years.

I’m waiting for some retired Porscheophile to figure out a way to mount a fifth wheel hitch to the roof of a Porsche 928 or something like that to pull his forty footer around.

[Source & Image: TopSpeed.com]


  1. At least we know it has enough power to tow the trailer!

  2. Cayenne sure but a Panamera to vehicle I dunno!

  3. Lets hope that never happens. It is weird to see a porch tow anything.

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