Porsche Panamera As A Tow Vehicle

Bet you haven’t thought about hitching the old trailer to your brand new Porsche Panamera and taking it on the next family camping trip…have you?

I ran across these pictures on TopSpeed a few days ago. Made me laugh. Especially since the Panamera is pulling a Lotus Exige. I guess I just don’t see the Panamera as a tow vehicle. Seems as wrong as some of the other “Porsche towing stuff” pictures we’ve seen in the past few years.

I’m waiting for some retired Porscheophile to figure out a way to mount a fifth wheel hitch to the roof of a Porsche 928 or something like that to pull his forty footer around.

[Source & Image: TopSpeed.com]


  1. At least we know it has enough power to tow the trailer!

  2. Cayenne sure but a Panamera to vehicle I dunno!

  3. Lets hope that never happens. It is weird to see a porch tow anything.