Camo Porsche Panamera

This has got to be one of the stranger paint jobs I’ve ever seen on a Porsche (aside from Janis Joplin’s 356). It’s got a desert camo paint scheme. I’m not sure which is attracting more attention. The camo paint or the fact that it’s a Panamera.


  1. must be the new military issue car…

  2. Some things are just wrong.

  3. Built for covert appeal, a Porsche Panamera sports the camouflage paint scheme. Located in Ajman, UAE this Porsche has a very unique style that is a traditional marque of UAE builds.

  4. Wow, that camo paint job made the Panamera virtually blend in with the cityscape! Another case of too much money . . .

  5. I’d bet its a decal.