Porsche Panamera Pricing Info and Interior Shots


In case you haven’t come across these on another car site, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Panamera shots to date. Jury is still out for me on the Panamera. It does promise to be a great ride in true Porsche fashion, but I suppose, like most people, I am initially adverse towards change.

Porsche announced official pricing this last week along with the first shots of the interior of the 2010 Panamera. It looks like $89,800 is the starting point for the Panamera S plus destination fees and a gas-guzzler tax (assuming we’ll see one tacked on). The Panamera S will be only be available with the PDK tranny in the US.

The Panamera 4S will start at $93,800 and the top of the line Panamera Turbo will start at $132,600. Course you’ll be looking at a 500-hp, all-wheel drive, PDK transmission equipped ride of thunder. The reports are the ride will far outweigh the looks. Not sure what that means or who’s actually ridden in one. Maybe that’s pure speculation.

Here are some interior and a few more exterior shots for you to feast your eyes on:

[Via CarandDriver.com]


  1. Wow. What an amazing automobile. I would be afraid to even get in that beauty. I’d be afraid I’d mess her up somehow. That’s as close to perfection as I’ve seen in an interior.

    I think I’ll pony up and buy a 2010 Panamera.. in say 2040.

  2. Really? I think this is a mistake by porsche. Branching out to different segments isnt going to work. Just as bad as the cayenne.

  3. How can you say the Cayenne didn’t work? Its the best selling Porsche model whether you like it or not.

  4. Russ, that’s my initial thought too, although I wonder how much of that is grounded in my love of the 911 and that it really embodies “Porsche” to me. I think ultimately Joe is right. The Cayenne is one of the best sellers over the last years it’s been in the market.

    And there actually ARE decent looking Cayennes out there. At least in my opinion.

  5. I’m with Ryan.. The 911 is the ideal Porsche for me.

  6. A black one.. convertible preferred. 🙂

  7. That interior is just YUMMY.

  8. Joe, all I have to say about the Cayenne is… Miley Cyrus drives one.. nuff said.


  9. Jeremy how about if we combine our savings and we can get one in maybe 2039! We each get it for a month at a time?

  10. Haha, I’m not saying the Cayenne is great, nor would I defend the suburban soccer moms, and celebrities who drive them. All I’m saying is, from a business standpoint, the Cayenne has been a success. Porsche obviously does not regret branching out into the SUV game.

  11. not a fan of this car….. yet. it might take me along time to warm up to it

  12. Also, the interior looks absolute sick in this car. Very elegant and not all plastic.

  13. I still dont buy this (or the cayenne) Moving Porsche away from what makes it so special in the search for a greater audience just isnt working for me.

    • I can certainly get more behind this than I could the Cayenne. At least this one has roots in the 911 design. Seems like less of a stretch than an SUV was for Porsche and will likely, in my opinion, stand a better chance with the “Porsche” crowd.

  14. Good points Russ and Ryan. But you’ve got to at least give props to Porsche for taking a risk and branching out into new markets. Greatness comes through taking risks.

    ‘That’s how you become great, man. Hang your balls out there!’
    -Kinko’s Clerk, Jerry McGuire

  15. This car blows my kilt up. I will excited to sit in the back and have my driver take me to the show. It would look sweet with a bike rack.

  16. I would love the opportunity to ride in one of these or even drive it before I make up my mind. To me Porsche has always been sports cars, but I have taken a ride in a Cayenne and it was nice. So I am sure once I got used to the idea of a 4 door Porsche sedan it would be just fine.

  17. Brad Bergeron says

    Its nice, Just dont know what to do with the two extra doors 🙂

  18. You just throw the kids in the back seats and let them spill milk and write on the seats with color crayons don’t you?

  19. guess it was only a matter of time for a sedan.

  20. Phil Schneider says

    I’m not against Porsche making a 4 door but
    the car aesthetically doesn’t do much for me
    on first glance. I’ll give it several chances but
    I don’t think I’ll ever love its look.

  21. talk of a hybrid.wonder if it will be optional or standard?

  22. Phil Schneider says

    would take one but I’d take a Maserati over this
    particular Porsche

  23. still getting used to looks.maybe?