Tempting Porsches #9

I have two for this round. Both are pretty amazing cars, but a bit on the higher end. Thanks to Joe for getting the first one below on the radar.

Tempting Porsche #1

The first is a 2006 911 Carrera 4S that Joe, one of our fine PorschePerfect.com readers, sent our way. The car looks gorgeous inside and out from the pictures. Although I’m not usually a fan of tan interior, this is the second late model 911 I’ve seen in the last week that had tan interior I would love to have.

Here are some of the highlights from the ad:

Black w/Tan Interior, 6 Speed Manual, 45,000 Miles

Features Include AWD, Leather, Traction Control, MP3 Audio, Xenon Headlights, Alloy Wheels, Keyless Entry, Rear Spoiler, Self-Leveling Headlights, Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers, Headlight Cleaners, Automatic Delay Off Headlights, Automatic Climate Control, Stability Control and More!

Really, it has about every option you would want. Here’s the best part…

Price: $44,900

Based on my usual, “offer them at least five grand less” mentality, I bet you could start at $38,500 and come up to around $41,500. The car books on NADA.com for $65,975 Clean Retail. Sure that’s a little high even in the best economic conditions, but you’re still looking at a late model Porsche for nearly 1/3 off what it should come close to selling for.

Tempting Porsche #2

The second Tempting Porsche today isn’t quite as good of a deal, but I kind of fell in love with this car last week when I stopped by to look at it. Course, it doesn’t take a whole lot for me to fall in love with a Porsche, so maybe take that with a grain of salt.

This one is a grey on grey 2005 911 Carrera Cabriolet. Normally I don’t love colored wheels, but these look really sharp and “make” the car. It’s definitely like a lot of cars…it looks much better in person than in the pictures.

Here are some specs on the car:

Power everything, Traction control, Heated seats, AM/FM/CD/CD Changer, Bose premium sound, Alarm, Remote keyless entry, Memory seat, Paddle shift, Rain sensing wipers, Xenon headlights, Non-smoking owner, Factory warranty

Tiptronic transmission, Only 22,357 miles

Price: $46,995

Another one that is priced pretty far under book. The dealer claims Kelly Blue Book values the car at about $63,000. Nada.com shows the Clean Retail value at $56,900. If you could pick up the car for around $43,000 or $43,500, you’d still be well back of even the most conservative book value and have a great car you could just drive and enjoy. Now’s a great time to be looking for a convertible for the summer!


  1. A black and a grey 911… It doesn’t get any more tempting than that for me.

  2. Both cars look great! Good deals too… Love the wheels on both.

  3. Indeed. I said that it was my favorite color of Porsche when I designed my own on their website. Beautiful color.

  4. so ryan what color of interior do you like?

    • I’m a bit old fashioned, I really like black. I have seen a couple of the burnt orange interiors that look pretty amazing. There’s a 911 Turbo on the showroom floor at Sunset that is root beer color on the outside and that burnt orange on the inside. Thing looks sweet.

  5. Yea, I’d have to stick with black as my favorite interior as well.

  6. Any reds?

  7. Those are nice Porsche’s and the wheels really do look good on those cars. I would buy either one.

  8. I generally shy away from grey cars since they are harder to see on the road (people pull out in front of you because they don’t see you), but this one is really a beauty.

  9. I have always had my eyes on the carrera since i was 10. and the 4s is no exception. What a beautifuly crafted piece of german engineering. One day…

  10. I really like the Black Carrera. It is a really sharp looking car.

  11. Give me the Black Carrera 4S hands-down! IMO that’s a much better deal.

  12. Stephen says

    I like the 2005 911 Carrera Cabriolet

  13. Stephen says

    Black in color

  14. Id have to go with the black 4s, the 911 4 just has sooooo much grip, its amazing to drive through those windy mountain roads!!!

  15. I like the top 911 and have to agree with the tan interior frown, Black on black just cant be beat for making a car like this sharp. Tan is not a bad color but works better with lighter color body.

  16. I like the 2006 911!

  17. Great cars!

  18. i really like the gray convertible. strange since
    I usually prefer coupes

  19. both look very nice!

  20. Have you looked at edmunds.com, for prices?

  21. the black one is definitley for me

  22. hard to beat a black 911.

  23. I agree, the black is much nicer. Also I’ve seen too many grey/silver cars oxidize in the sun.

  24. Phil Schneider says

    black is a great color for any car

  25. Now, this is one hot looking car sure to pick up the babes