TECHART GT Street RS Rocks The Track

I got an email this morning from TECHART about some very cool records they just set in their Porsche 911 GT2 based GT Street RS. This car is one sweet looking ride that really looks like it belongs more on the track than on the street. Course isn’t that part of the whole point of […]

FAB Design’s Porsche Panamera Upgrades

Swiss tuner, FAB Design, has put it’s spin on an upgrade package for the Porsche Panamera Turbo. Looks decent from the front doesn’t it? Well check out the back: Yeah…ugly. I personally think someone should get fired over this design. I have yet to hear from anyone who likes it. And I don’t think it’s […]

500th Post

Today I’m posting my 500th post on It’s been just over a year since I started the blog and I can’t believe we’re already hitting the 500 post mark. I’ve been contemplating what to do with this post and was half tempted to just let the milestone go by since I’m guessing that most […]

Porsche Tuner TECHART Announces Winter Wheels

At first I thought this was kind of a weak press release, and I suppose for a company like TECHART, with the products they are capable of producing, it is a bit on the light side. However, after reading it through and thinking about it a bit, it’s actually a pretty cool product offering. The […]

Techart’s Take On The Porsche Panamera

Last month, along with a number of other front runner tuners, Techart released word of their “individualization program” for the Porsche Panamera. Phase 1 of the Techart program will include exterior components which will improve aerodynamics while offering a striking appearance (pretty typical Techart stuff there), 21″ and 22″ light metal wheels, a multifunctional daylight […]

Life Without The Porsche 911?

I was reading a Car and Driver post this weekend from one of the drivers contributing to the upcoming 10Best feature Car and Driver publishes every year (coming up in the January 2010 issue). He made a comment that got me thinking again about a question that comes up every now and then: “Can you […]

LUMMA Design’s Porsche Panamera

We’re starting to see more tuners get into the Porsche Panamera chop up game. Today, Steve, one of our readers, sent me a link about the Panamera creation LUMMA Design has released. Again, artist renditions only at this point, but it looks like they’re going to call it the CLR 700 GT. Here are […]

Gemballa Mistrale Takes Panamera To New “Lows”

Over the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably started seeing the big Porsche tuners begin releasing their amped up versions of the Porsche Panamera. I’m not sure if they have early access to cars or are simply modifying the beauty shots Porsche has released. I’m assuming tuners like Gemballa and RUF with longstanding relationships with […]

9ff Uber-Hypes The Panamera

I bookmarked these a couple of weeks ago hoping to have something a little more official come down the pipe, but haven’t seen anything yet. It’s pretty cool seeing tuners start to release customizations of a Porsche yet to be released to the public. I’m guessing that some tuners like Gemballa (I have pictures coming […]

An Ugly Cayenne Customization?

I came across this tuner on someone else’s Ugliest Porsche Cayennes list last week. Personally, I’m not in love with it, but I do like pretty much anything that spices up the Cayenne a bit. This particular creation is the work of Jeremie Paret, former editor at luxury tuning magazine Modify turned car stylist. He […]