Porsche Tuner TECHART Announces Winter Wheels


At first I thought this was kind of a weak press release, and I suppose for a company like TECHART, with the products they are capable of producing, it is a bit on the light side. However, after reading it through and thinking about it a bit, it’s actually a pretty cool product offering. The product is TECHART Winter Wheels designed to give you all the driving pleasure you experience in the summer months under winter conditions.

TECHART’s Winter Wheels were developed to provide your Porsche with maximum grip at cold temperatures. You have the faster acceleration on less than ideal conditions, as well as better braking should an emergency require it. Of course we all want to go faster on slick surfaces…right?! Come on…there’s nothing better than careening around a blind corner right on the edge of losing grip on snow or ice. TECHART lets you accomplish this at even higher speeds!

Think I’m being ridiculous? You need to check out Monday’s video here: Slippery Road Video. Now THAT is some ridiculous driving!


In all seriousness, though, as the temperatures lower, the rubber compound in your tires begins to harden which results in reduced traction. Even drastically depending on the tires and temps. TECHART’s Winter Wheels gives you a solid alternative if winter “sportier” driving are something you take part in. They’re TÜF approved up to 270 km/h, or 165 mph for us U.S. drivers. A range of sizes are available, so you’ll be able to find a perfect fit for your Porsche. The tires also go well with TECHART’s Formula monoblock wheel (pictured above).

Here’s the full press release in case you want to read it:

Leonberg, November 2009. Extraordinary and individual cars in combination with an unlimited driving pleasure – a combination, TECHART turns into reality day after day. To have this guaranteed as well in the winter months, TECHART offers his clients the original TECHART winter wheels. Each set provides the driver a maximum grip at cold temperatures, not only for fast acceleration, but also for precise braking in case of an emergency. The speed range is TÜV approved up to 270 km/h or 165 mph. With TECHART winter wheels you turn your driving on ice and snow into safe winter sports.

In combination with the elegant and sporty TECHART Formula monoblock wheel it is ready for the cold months of the year. Available from 17 to 22 inches in shiny silver, matt black or glossy black, the Formula wheel underlines the individuality and the character of the car. In addition it is perfectly easy to clean and resistant against corrosion through salt.

[Source & Images: TECHART]


  1. So… I’m confused.
    I was under the impression that the tires were what came into contact with the pavement – not the wheels. Apparently TECHART is turning the industry on its head and creating a wheel that gives you better traction and control? NOT BUYING IT. This is the biggest marketing ploy. I mean come on people. If you plunk down thousands for these wheels thinking they are going to give you better control in icy conditions, I have a bridge for sale I think you should take a look at.

    • @Andrew – I don’t think they’re pushing the wheels as the source of traction improvement, but instead the tires. I believe they feel the tires will match well to their wheels. That’s all.

  2. Up here in the Northeast, “Winter wheels” are your stock factory steelers…..You put them back on during the winter so that your trick pimp alloys dont get salt rash if you drive your pimp ride in the winter as a daily lol

  3. I wonder if there is a translation problem. I think maybe they are talking about a winter package, wheels and tires. I have found that google translator doesn’t always translate the meaning just the word.

  4. @Ryan – yeah, but with no mention of tires in the press release it makes it a bit confusing. Maybe instead of calling them “tires” in Germany they call them “wheels” and I’m just unfamiliar.