Project Roxster – The Ultimate Boxster (P.R. Part 2)

Yesterday I described what I feel is a gap in Porsche’s mid-engine model lineup. If you missed it, you can read it here: Porsche’s Mid-Engine Gap. My solution to Porsche’s mid-engine model gap? I call it Project “Roxster”: Building a Rocking Boxster. Maybe not quite powerful enough to challenge a Carrera GT, but certainly closing […]

New Tuner In Town: Cargraphic

Move over Porsche tuners, there’s a new sheriff in town. Well, maybe make that volunteer deputy for now. Looks like Cargraphic is jumping into the Porsche Cayenne Diesel customization market. They have a broad range of tuning options for most Porsche models, including the Cayenne, so this isn’t a new arena for them. Established back […]

Ultimate Car List Top 5 – Pick #5

It’s the final pick in my Ultimate Car List Top 5 mini-series. Today’s car will likely be a surprise to most. Course with the list we have so far, #5 could be just about anything. I went round and round with this one. Lots of cars made the short list for various reasons. Here are […]

Ultimate Car List Top 5 – Pick #3

My 3rd pick was a pretty tough one. I debated about several cars, but then decided on a RUF car. Narrowing it down to one RUF model proved to be as tough as settling on RUF in the first place, but I finally decided on an Rt 12. If I were choosing a year it […]

Wimmer RS Porsche GT2 Ready To Run With the Big Boys

A Google search wants to correct “Wimmer” with “winner” which also seems to be akin to the response of a lot of people, including myself. “Who’s Wimmer?” was my first thought when I stumbled across the 680-hp Porsche GT2 monster they turned out. As it turns out, Wimmer Rennsporttechnik Solingen is a small German tuner […]

Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS – One Serious Twister!

Gemballa has done it again. Course I’m not surprised. After my 7 Days of Porsche Tuners series, I’ve gotten to thinking that tuners really should do more extreme stuff for their flagship vehicles. It’s just not enough to slap a few body mods on, change the ECU and charge twice the going rate for the […]

Porsche Tuners List

I ran across a handy directory while doing research for the 7 Days of Porsche Tuners special I started late last month. I thought I’d throw it up here in case any of you have interest and want to do a little exploration on your own. You can check it out on Planet Porsche: […]

Giveaway Porsche Upgrades???

If you’re the lucky winner of our Porsche Giveaway, you may want to consider some upgrades to your new-to-you Porsche. It’s likely that SpeedART will have just what you’re looking for. The picture at the top of this post is an upgraded 996 applying a few body upgrades and new wheels that pretty significantly changes […]

Porsche Porn Monday

John over at sent me a link to some RUF videos he found on YouTube. He mentions in his post that the 4 videos on the page are “Pure Porsche Fan Porn” and I’d have to concur. I plugged in my favorite below, but check out the series of videos on his site here: […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Car manufacturers help older drivers deny aging process – This was an interesting, quick article. It talks about what car manufacturers are doing to help drivers see task related details in a car. They’re working to offset the natural aging process and driver’s sight getting worse by addressing it with lighting and other achievements. I […]