Weekly Porsche Wrap

Car manufacturers help older drivers deny aging process – This was an interesting, quick article. It talks about what car manufacturers are doing to help drivers see task related details in a car. They’re working to offset the natural aging process and driver’s sight getting worse by addressing it with lighting and other achievements. I hadn’t really ever thought about how they’d be doing that before. [Via Freep.com]

Porsche Panamera with Ruf wheels – These look pretty nice. Leave it to RUF to start the aftermarket tuning treatments on the Panamera. Be interesting to see how tuners spruce it up. [Via Luxvelocity.com]

3 survive 500 foot plunge in a Porsche – This is an amazing story. A Porsche 911 carrying 3 people plunged down the side of a hill. One of the passengers was ejected out of the car and managed to climb up the side of the hill to flag down an LAPD office for help. You have to click the link and check out the video they have there. It’s worth watching. [Via KTLA.com]

Porsche 928 fetches nearly $7,000 MORE than it’s original MSRP! – PorschePurist.com reported last week that a 1994 Porsche 928 GTS sold recently for $92,500. It’s original MSRP was $85,706. The 928 was 1 of 44 built and in original condition. Maybe my wife will reconsider her disdain for 928s! [Via PorschePurist.com]


  1. YES!!! The excuse i needed to convince the wife why i MUST HAVE a 911, It will save our life in a 500 ft drop!! I got her now! 🙂

  2. Thats cool how the 928 gets its due! Ever notice how there seems to be a Porsche to remind you of a Tom Cruise movie? …. “Who`s the U-Boat Captain” ? 🙂

  3. Man that is incredible for three people to survive the 500 ft cliff in a Porsche. Shows how well the Porsche is built and how lucky those people were.

  4. I can’t believe the price the 928 fetched. Incredible that someone would be willing to pay that much. But if they are a collector and looking for an all original almost new car, they now have a show piece.

  5. Hmm. I think that if someone has poor vision, car manufacturers probably shouldn’t find ways to get them behind the wheel of a really fast automobile.

    Is there a correlation between story #1 and story #3?

  6. I love the Panamera. Now I can love her for investment purposes.

    I always smile when I remember that they are made in Leipzig and Stuttgart, I could say those words all day.

  7. i don’t know what you see in the panamera jeremy. i just can’t understand the looks of the car.

  8. do you think those 3 survivors were going a little too fast while driving?? my guess would be yes

  9. James, I have a wife and kids. The only way I could drive a Porsche is if it were a four door family car.

  10. James, there is no such thing as ‘too fast’ in a Porsche.

  11. so jeremy does that mean if there is some flaw in the system and you win the 911 you won’t accept it and it’ll go the me since it doesn’t have 4 doors??

  12. Not only will the Porsche save your life in a 500ft fall from a cliff, when you hoist it back to the top it may be worth more than what you bought it for. SOLD!

  13. well jeremy i think that “too fast” in a porsche would be plunging down 500 feet.

  14. According to this post http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_terminal_velocity_of_a_car terminal velocity of a car is only ~90mph. I wouldn’t consider that “too fast”. 🙂