Wimmer RS Porsche GT2 Ready To Run With the Big Boys

A Google search wants to correct “Wimmer” with “winner” which also seems to be akin to the response of a lot of people, including myself. “Who’s Wimmer?” was my first thought when I stumbled across the 680-hp Porsche GT2 monster they turned out.

As it turns out, Wimmer Rennsporttechnik Solingen is a small German tuner with several locations scattered around Germany. On their website, I can find things that date back to 2002, so it looks like they’ve been around for at least the last 7 or 8 years. They also deal with many car brands, not just Porsche, with a range of accessories for them including chip tuning (which seems to be their specialty), brake and chassis technology, and exhaust systems.

It looks like Wimmer has churned out other heavily customized Porsches, but nothing like the GT2. The Wimmer GT2 has some killer features:

  • 680-hp engine – 150-hp more than Porsche’s stock engine
  • Reflashed ECU
  • Fortified cylinder head
  • Sportier camshafts
  • A beefier clutch
  • Freer-flowing exhaust
  • H&R coilovers and 20″ forged Sportec wheels

Check out these performance stats:

  • 0-100 kph – 3.4 seconds
  • 0-200 kph – 9.78 seconds
  • 0-300 kph – 25.8 seconds (that’s 186 mph!)
  • Top speed: 221 mph

That’s crazy fast. Definitely up there with the best of the best assuming the internal and external treatments match what’s under the hood. Price for this bad boy upgrade starts at $40,400 or about 20% of the car’s original purchase price in the US.

The other great thing about Wimmer…while your Porsche GT2 is in the shop for it’s upgrade, you can have them work on your Toyota Camry as well!

[Source MotorAuthority.com]


  1. Top speed 221… wow!

  2. 680hp = drool over keyboard.

  3. 221 mph?? Can one really tell much of a difference from 199 to 221?

  4. Awesome! 680 hp! Those performance stats really put this into perspective on how sick fast this car is! I love that paint scheme too! Not too much a fan of the wheels, A little “spokey” looking and i would opt for some others if i was checking off the order sheet 🙂 ( i dont know why this look is popular).. but the car looks great nonetheless!

  5. Ha, I am totally going to trick out my Toyota with these features.

  6. I can definitely see myself driving that car. Nice paint work.

  7. I actually like the wheels – and that bad boy is CRAZY fast!

    “…assuming the internal and external treatments match what’s under the hood.” – I couldn’t help but think you were going to say “…if the carpet matches the drapes.” but your better judgment took over. Fess up – that’s what you really wanted to say, isn’t it?

  8. The more I look at that car the more I want it.

  9. I think that’s pretty much the way most of us feel about all Porsches Jeff.

  10. I have officially fallen in love. That is an amazing tuner-job, they made it insanely fast without making it LOOK insane!!!

  11. mitchell says

    im normally not a big fan of white, but with the added features, i really like this one.

  12. Phil Schneider says

    graphics don’t do much for me but still
    incredibly nice