New Tuner In Town: Cargraphic

Move over Porsche tuners, there’s a new sheriff in town. Well, maybe make that volunteer deputy for now. Looks like Cargraphic is jumping into the Porsche Cayenne Diesel customization market. They have a broad range of tuning options for most Porsche models, including the Cayenne, so this isn’t a new arena for them.

Established back in 1985 by brothers Michael and Thomas Schnarr, Cargraphic has a pretty lengthy history in the tuning business. Their relationship with Porsche started in that same decade as a result of not seeing any reasonable tuning options on the market for Porsche owners. From 1989 and on, they have offered a full range of Porsche parts and accessories.

In the 90’s, this also led to the development and manufacturing of their own stainless steel sports exhausts and three-piece wheel programs. One cool thing about Cargraphic is all of their products are approved in racing. They also ensure the technology their parts are based on flow from race track to road.

In this particular instance, Cargraphic’s kit for the Cayenne definitely centers around increasing the aesthetics of the exterior rather than major performance increases. I must say, I love the lines of this kit. I like how the Cayenne looks when it’s lowered along with some custom wheels fitted to it. Cargraphic has also fixed the ugly (IMO) nose of the Cayenne making it much sexier and sportier. This is one Cayenne I’d be happy to drive.

Included in the extensive body kit is a new front valance, rear diffuser, side skirts and wheel arch extensions. Also available is a modified electronic suspension module that has been specially designed to give the Cayenne a lower stance. A nice side benefit is improved aerodynamics and reduced drag.

Performance hasn’t been completely overlooked with much of the improvements accomplished through an ECU module upgrade. Torque is increased as is horsepower going from 240 hp to 290 hp for the 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel. Top speed for the diesel has been increased to 137 mph according to Cargraphic.

Not a bad option for you Cayenne owners who want to beautify your ride a bit.



  1. why get an SUV if you’re going to remove it’s ability to go off road?

  2. I like it. That’s a sweet looking ride there. And, unlike some “tuners” at least they did something for performance. While it may not knock your socks off, a +20% increase in HP is respectable. More importantly in the diesel is what it does to torque though.

  3. You don’t buy a Porsche SUV to go “off road” in the first place, so I see nothing wrong with lowering it and putting properly fitting shoes on it.

  4. btw, if you REALLY want to take Cayenne modification to the ultimate extreme, I sent Ryan a pic today that you’ll definitely want to see.

  5. Pretty cool tuning to the Cayenne. I know I wouldn’t do much off-roading in my Porsche SUV anyway. I would buy a truck for that.