Ultimate Car List Top 5 – Pick #3

My 3rd pick was a pretty tough one. I debated about several cars, but then decided on a RUF car. Narrowing it down to one RUF model proved to be as tough as settling on RUF in the first place, but I finally decided on an Rt 12. If I were choosing a year it would be a 2009.

I have long loved RUF and their customized creations. They’ve been my favorite Porsche tuner (and Porsche builder) for a long long time. They have some of the highest quality components and craftsmanship of all tuners. The fact that they actually build “Porsches” is simply amazing to me.

I chose the Rt 12 because I love the 997 Turbo it’s based on and I think this would be a car I could climb into pretty much every day and drive without a second thought. It’s also a car that would really perform when you wanted it to on back roads, passing, the track, etc. Yet it’s more than refined enough to drive through rush hour.

Here are some specs to let your imagination walk on the wild side for a minute:

  • 650 hp 3.8 litre bi-turbo engine
  • 641 lb ft torque
  • 0-62 mph in 3.3 seconds!!!
  • Top speed of 224 mph

Of course you have all of the usual RUF interior touches from the sports steering wheel and unique instrumentation design to the aluminum parts and specially covered bucket seats. Every detail has been attended to making these some of the finest cars you can buy.

For color, I’m kind of partial to darker colors for an every day driver. I like the subtlety they offer, while still maintaining a tough look to them. I also really like the bright orange (pictured) and the bright blue, so it would probably prove tougher than I think to settle on a color.

Ultimate Car List Top 5:

  1. 356 Speedster (1950s)
  2. 911 Turbo/930 (1978/79)
  3. RUF Rt 12 (2009)


  1. nice car, to be sure, but aftermarket, even at this level, would never make my top 5 list

  2. spyder still not there?come on!

  3. really ruthless?? wouldn’t make your 5?? i’d make room to make my 5 for this car

  4. A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!! I knew it too!!! I didnt know which pick but i`m thinking, Ryan has some sort of RUF effort on the list, Which one i didnt know ..but the RT 12 is needless to say ..worthy! ..NICE!! The only thing missing in this post is a front shot of the RT 12 which is an awesome look with the massive front end treatment!

  5. Uh oh, I think the masses have turned on you on this one.

  6. I absolutely love this Ultimate pick. A modern car with the performance and style of a RUF package is incredible. I would love to drive this car everyday.

  7. I know nothing about cars but this car really is pretty! I love the color too and I am not normally a fan of orange.

  8. James, over the past 60 years there’s been way too many nice Porsches straight from Stuttgart to fill any top 5 or top 10 list, but this car might make my top 15

  9. Great car. Great pic. Style and performance !

  10. amazing to colors a 911 can get away with.trying to think of one i have seen that really looked bad.

  11. can’t wait for number 4!

  12. ok ruthless, now you are aging yourself…. how old are you to remember the last 60 years of porsche??

  13. i really feel i’d need a neck brace to drive this car so i wouldn’t snap my neck….

  14. Very nice choice, my list is looking a lot different but I would take any one from yours so far.

  15. really put some thought into it.nice choices.

  16. James, I’m not that old, but I have the internets, and I can look up every Porsche ever made.

  17. have to agree with Ruthless, way to many factory cars to choose from first. My list
    356 carrera speedster
    97 911 gt1
    997 GT3 rs

  18. mitchell says

    very nice! i tried to guess what you’d pick, but i was way off lol.

  19. you’d probably have to own a RUF to have your Porsche considered for Gumball 3000 – regular factory cars aren’t flashy enough

  20. I just had to come back to this! I love this car! Could be even with how much i love the CGT. ..and looking again at the numbers on this thing!..I would be nervous if i had a CGT and this thing was coming in to view of my rear mirror!..Have to get a compliment in the wheels too. RUF makes nice wheels for the Porsche, Not that dreaded wagon wheel look!