Stormtrooper Porsche

Porsche tuner Vorsteiner has recently released their V-TR Edition Aero Package for the Porsche 911 Turbo. When done up in white, it gives the car kind of a stormtrooper look. The kit was designed as a whole to provide improved air flow and added downforce. This not only improves aerodynamics, but also increases air flow […]

RUF – The KING of Porsche Tuners

Well, this is the last post in my 7 Days of Porsche Tuners series, and I’ve saved my personal favorite, and the one I feel is the best, for last. Today’s tuner is RUF, a German (ha! of course!) tuner located in Pfaffenhausen, Germany. RUF was started by Alois Ruf, Sr in 1939 as AUTO […]

Strosek Driving Design

I know I’m a little behind on finishing the 7 Days of Porsche Tuners series, but I think you’ll find I’ve saved a couple of the best for last. Today’s tuner is Strosek. Founded in 1982 by Vittorio Strosek (who is still involved with the company today), Strosek Driving Design started with a redesign of […]

Sportec – Swiss Missile Producer

There’s a reason Sportec is considered one of the best, if not THE best Porsche tuner in Switzerland. Their designs are well thought out and their components are of the highest caliber in both fit and finish. The 911 GT2 based car pictured above was dubbed “The Swiss Missle” by one blogger. The Performance stage […]

Techart’s Rolling Art Gallery

I first saw a Techart treatment on a 1982 911 SC (I think I’ve actually had it in one of my Tempting Porsche installments). The owner had applied a 1997 993 Turbo S factory OEM steel body conversion to the car and it looked amazing. Just like a late 90’s 911 Turbo. As it turns […]

Mansory – Learn from the Swiss

It’s not a surprise with quality and designs like the one above that Mansory is one of Germany’s top tuners of Porsche cars. They have a broad range of capabilities that stretch from the subtle to a step above insane. Mansory recently acquired Rinspeed’s Porsche tuning division. They have continued the tradition of Rinspeed quality […]

9ff – Fastest Porsche Tuner

Today’s 7 Days of Porsche Tuners features 9ff. I didn’t realize it until I started looking for more info on 9ff, but they have some pretty amazing accomplishments racked up. The biggest so far has to be the world record for “fastest streetlegal car in the world”. They accomplished this, for the second time, in […]

Gemballa: Super Tuner for the Porsche Stars

I’m continually amazed at what people will spend on a car like a brand new Porsche, only to dump sometimes 2x or 3x more into customizing the car. I haven’t ever really gotten into the gross excess that a lot of tuners tend to bolt on to cars to justify the outrageous prices they charge. […]

Billionaire’s Exclusive Porsche (uh, that stands for Business Standard Motoring, not the other BS) had a cool blog post titled “A Billion to One” where they talked about what a billionaire might drive to stand out from the crowd. Actually more specifically what a billionaire might have done to his/her ride to stand out from the crowd. […]

Porsche Picture: Customized 911

Check out this car I parked across the street from in the Giveaway Porsche. I was in downtown Portland and had to snap a picture of this beauty. I love the yellow color and yellow accented black rims. Here’s a link to the company highlighted on the lower portion of the car: Matrix Integrated. Looks […]