Porsche Picture: Customized 911


Check out this car I parked across the street from in the Giveaway Porsche. I was in downtown Portland and had to snap a picture of this beauty. I love the yellow color and yellow accented black rims.

Here’s a link to the company highlighted on the lower portion of the car: Matrix Integrated. Looks like they’re a local high performance tuner.


  1. Now THAT is some good advertising!

    • No kidding. If we could just figure out a way to sell some expensive advertising, I could be driving one for free.

  2. wow!!! if i saw that while i was driving i would definitely wreck my own car

  3. That is a sweet ride. You should have stuck around, waited for the owner and asked for an even swap on the giveaway Porsche.

  4. Wow, that is a beautiful car.

  5. shweet
    whats the interior like

    • I didn’t venture that close. I parked, got out, saw the car, snapped a few pictures and went on my way. Actually I admired it for a couple of minutes before going on my way.

  6. Talk about a head turner/panty dropper!

  7. more traffic = more ads
    you’ll get there!!

  8. That is an awesome looking Porsche. I love the yellow color and also the yellow highlights on the rims. Pretty classy and pretty racy looking.

  9. Brad Bergeron says

    I like the wing on the back , Large wing tips.cool!

  10. eye catching for sure

  11. unbelievable

  12. would get a lot more attention than a PT cruiser with a big sticker on it.

  13. Phil Schneider says

    yellow’s not my favorite color but this
    Porsche is beautiful

  14. nothing wrong with yellow.especially on this car.