Techart’s Rolling Art Gallery

I first saw a Techart treatment on a 1982 911 SC (I think I’ve actually had it in one of my Tempting Porsche installments). The owner had applied a 1997 993 Turbo S factory OEM steel body conversion to the car and it looked amazing. Just like a late 90’s 911 Turbo. As it turns out, that was one of the more subtle kits from Techart, although they do run the gambit of body kits for Porsches.

Since 1987, Techart has had a burning passion to turn extraordinary cars like the 911 into unique creations. Based in Leonberg, Germany, they are a recognized vehicle manufacturer and individualize Porsche aerodynamics and exterior design, automotive engineering and interior refinements. They have “programs” available across the entire model line of Porsche.

Something I noticed right off the bat when visiting their site is that Techart has some great treatments for the Boxster and Cayman. A couple of models less focused on by many tuners. The Boxster pictured above looks pretty sweet. I’d drive that any day of the week. Here’s a couple of pictures of a Cayman treatment:

This particular Cayman has a widebody kit applied along with rear spoiler, 20″ Formula GTS wheel set, sport chasis and sport exhaust system. It completely changes the look of the car and gives it more of a Carrera GT look. I also really like the interior treatment, and especially the yellow gauge faces.

The interesting thing about Techart, and one of the things I love about their site, is you can get a feel for all of the minor changes they have to offer that can provide some great subtle updates or enhancements to any car. They offer a number of in-your-face “programs”, but I get the sense that a lot of what they provide are enhancements the average person would enjoy. From updating an older 911 to enhancing the modern look of a Boxster or Cayman, they have something for everyone.

Here’s a sample of one of their 911 Turbo programs…



  1. on most of the exterior pictures i can’t really tell what they’ve done other than new wheels. is it mainly engine work?

  2. I have checked out the Techart cars in the past and was very impressed with their work. Very fine work they do.

  3. Techart does A+ work.

    They do it all James.

  4. thanks for the link andrew, there are some great images in there.

  5. Will techart makeover my corolla? If I win the Porsche I am going to take it to these guys.

  6. they probably won’t do your corolla. you can only wish it’ll go on the show “pimp my ride”

  7. We represtent TechArt in Australia and having recently seen their facilities in Germany and Asia, I have to tell you, that no other German Porsche tuner comes close. Check out the range!

  8. I sure like the front grill on the black 911 on the bottom of the post. That is a sweet front end.

  9. Pimp my ride is a great show.. You will probably never see a porsche on there though.

  10. Love that boxster! I like the wheels on these techart machines that have some “thickness ” to them and dont look like wagon wheels which is popular albeit i dont know why.

  11. Love that 911 Turbo too (last bottom pic) looks slammed a little bit, Nice ride height!

  12. Ryan has his top 5 list working and i posted my top 5 and included a Boxster S . This is what i would want it to look like!

    • Brad, pretty much any of the pimped out Boxsters would be dang tough to not be high up on a Top X list.