Stormtrooper Porsche

Porsche tuner Vorsteiner has recently released their V-TR Edition Aero Package for the Porsche 911 Turbo. When done up in white, it gives the car kind of a stormtrooper look.

The kit was designed as a whole to provide improved air flow and added downforce. This not only improves aerodynamics, but also increases air flow to the areas needing it and allowing air to escape from areas done with it.

The Vorsteiner V-RT exterior aerodynamic package consists of 3 primary packages.

  • The front end treatment that includes a new replacement front fascia featuring larger carbon fiber air intakes for the radiators and elimination of the fog lights like the factory 997 GT2. A removable dry carbon fiber front lower spoiler adds additional down force to the front end while protecting the front bumper from any steep inclines or road hazards.
  • The rear bumper package which was designed to offer the 997 Turbo a wider stance with enlarged side intercooler extraction vents that house a replacement dry carbon fiber shroud that is approximately 35% larger for improved airflow through the intercoolers. The rear bumper features a new molded carbon fiber rear diffuser with integrated twin aero fins that encompass the quad sport exhaust tips.
  • The rear end treatment is completed with a carbon composite rear deck lid/engine cover with twin ram air scoops that feed air into the engine bay and air intake for maximum airflow and cooling. Additionally a carbon fiber wing blade enhances the final appearance while increasing down force to the rear of the vehicle at high speeds.

All in all, the car looks pretty sweet when completed with the V-306 twin 7 spoke 3-piece forged wheels as shown in the pictures. Lots of personalized finish options are available for the wheels.

No pricing was available yet although the kit is expected to hit dealer warehouses within the next month or so.



  1. I really do like the look of that one. It does look like a stormtrooper.

  2. I REALLY like that car. When I took your advice from a post a few months back and built a car at I made my 911 in white. I am not sure why but it is my favorite car color. I wonder what the Chewbacca version would look like?

  3. Can we all pool our money together to buy one and share it?

  4. i am in love. WOW

  5. Awesome! I think it looks amazing. Stormtrooper or not, this car is out of this world.

  6. i want to see the darth vader version

  7. or the princess lea version

  8. one version i don’t want to see would be jabba the hutt’s

  9. When I read the article title I thought it was actually going to be a Storm Trooper Porsche, made for a movie promo or something. And the pics led me to believe that it actually was. Good call on the Storm Trooper look alike. That’d definitely be my ride of choice if I weren’t riding around on a Deathstar all day.

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  14. Sounds good to me all around. 🙂

  15. well ryan i’m glad to hear i haven’t hit the “junk and crap” pile yet. andrew had me very worried. i do know some of the comments didn’t have the most thought put in them…. i’ll do better from now on and please keep an eye on me andrew

  16. snowtrooper

  17. i dont like the nose but other than that…sweet

  18. Phil Schneider says

    looks like a fun car to beat on