Billionaire’s Exclusive Porsche (uh, that stands for Business Standard Motoring, not the other BS) had a cool blog post titled “A Billion to One” where they talked about what a billionaire might drive to stand out from the crowd. Actually more specifically what a billionaire might have done to his/her ride to stand out from the crowd.

The Porsche featured in the post is a 9ff customized 911 Turbo Cabriolet that’s been beefed up a wee bit. It boasts 679 hp and 0 to 60 in about 3 seconds. A tad faster than the Cayennes I’ve had up lately.

Some pretty amazing vehicles in the lineup that includes not only Porsche but Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW. Different tuners specialize in different cars and they show off a few in the post. Check it out to at least see the pics and the Porsche specific info partway down the post.



  1. Now that is a pretty car!

  2. Would not mind pulling up to a business meeting in this vehicle.

  3. Ok, now I have a new favorite Porsche.

  4. wow. the car looks great. nothing over the top

  5. Sweet article – for those of you interested (who didn’t already know), the Damages section talks price in terms of Rs Crore and Rs Crore is equivalent to 10M Indian Rupees.

    At today’s exchange rate, Rs 1.0 Crore = ~$195,000 US
    Hopefully that simplifies calculations for you all who were wondering (like me).

    Lakh is 100k Rupees (the BWM packages are $4k – $50k USD).

  6. I waste time – didn’t realize there were so few cars:

    Ferrari = $485k

    R8 = $390k

    Porsche = $450k – $485k

    Bimmer Packages = $4k – $50k

  7. 679hp?? that’s got to snap your neck or your passengers

  8. I think the gold plated Porsche would probably turn more heads than this vehicle.

  9. Sure would be fun to try out that HP. We would need to be careful with it though. That is too nice of a car to mess up.

  10. The Porsche grey is a color i am loving on this 911. Look at the rubber on the back of this thing too! Probably needs every square inch of it to keep from getting loose with 679 hp just leaving a red light in traffic!

  11. The Porsche grey does look very classy on this car.

  12. wow, that this is fast! i would be curious to see how much it cost.

  13. I love the deep lip on the rear wheel. This really is an awesome ride. Is it the same 9ff that did 250+mph and is the fastest street car in the world?

  14. when you have billions of dollars it’s nice to see that the billionaires are buying porsches and not just bentleys and maybachs

  15. I LOVE THE 9ff, its soooooooo fast

  16. nice car but hate those rims

  17. How many billionaires take the time to go buy a car? I think they just tell their ‘people’ to go get me a fast car.

  18. WOW!……….im speechless

  19. Phil Schneider says

    679 bhp!! Time to go to driving school

  20. wow!great looking car.not over the top.