9ff – Fastest Porsche Tuner

Today’s 7 Days of Porsche Tuners features 9ff. I didn’t realize it until I started looking for more info on 9ff, but they have some pretty amazing accomplishments racked up. The biggest so far has to be the world record for “fastest streetlegal car in the world”. They accomplished this, for the second time, in October 2008.

The car to take them to these heights was the 9ff GT9 which is based on the 911 GT3. It hit a top speed of 409 km/h (254 mph)! Officially faster than the Bugatti Veyron. I can’t imagine testing the top speed of a car like that. It’d be a heck of ride, that’s for sure.

9ff was formed in 2001 in Dortmund, Germany to develop a complete tuning program for current Porsche models. They mention that 9ff is the new name for technically challenging individualization of Porsche vehicles. That certainly sounds impressive.

They offer everything from changing your outside mirrors to boosting performance upwards of 900 hp. Customizations are sold for almost every model including some customizations for the new Panamera and even a Bioethanol Kit for several Porsche models.

9ff customizations definitely seem to be more focused on performance than body kits. The changes seem to be more subtle and toned down visually possibly to fit a lower income demographic (us common workin’ folk). Even so, they’re wringing some serious power and numbers from an already souped up sports car.

For those of you interested in replicating the “fastest streetlegal car in the world” world record in your very own 9ff GT9, the price to play is $853,634. That’s assuming you can get your hands on one of the 20 built.

[Source: 9ff.com]


  1. The Veyron is fast (obviously) but if i had the dosh, I’d much rather go with a GT3. The handing on the Veyron is horrible and is only good on a straight line. Not to mention, the tires melt and the gas tank is the suck.

  2. The blue GT9 9ff is a sweet looking ride. That is awesome for Porsche to claim the fastest street legal car…

  3. I WANT THIS CAR! Now all I need is a place to drive that enables me to be in excess of 200 mph for extended periods and all will be fine in my world.

  4. Ryan O'Connor says

    9ff takes engineering to the next level. To take an existing engineering feat and improve upon it is impressive.

    The next time I have 1e6 to spend, I will give 9ff a call.

  5. 9ff is incredible. I still don’t know how Sabine managed to lose a drag race to Jezza in one of those.

  6. i’m not much on body kits, but WOW that 9ff gets the ok from me

  7. once again i’m not much on having a family but if i could have that cayenne i would definitely consider having a wife and a couple of kids

  8. It’s not about how fast you can go, but how fast you can get there.

    Give me a straight-line 2 mile race between the GT9 and a Veyron… That I’d like to see.

  9. i think i know what the ff means from 9ff. the last “f” i think is fast but i’ll leave it up to you to figure out what the first “f” means

  10. 200 MPH!! I wonder what that even feels like? Can you imagine the G-Forces?

  11. i bet 200 mph feels no different when you are at the speed but getting there is got to be a trip

  12. Look at the stance on the GT9, It just looks like it would be completely stable and planted at over 200…and provided you had room to get to its top speed and bring her back down safely…Not such a hard feat!

  13. mitchell says

    i just want the fastest to 80mph, since i probably wouldnt go much over that on a public road.

  14. I want the 254 mph Porsche, just to drive it and know it’s potential would be awesome. Even if you never got it up that high. But that might be worth taking to the Salt Flats just to get it up to maximum speed.