Sportec – Swiss Missile Producer

There’s a reason Sportec is considered one of the best, if not THE best Porsche tuner in Switzerland. Their designs are well thought out and their components are of the highest caliber in both fit and finish.

The 911 GT2 based car pictured above was dubbed “The Swiss Missle” by one blogger. The Performance stage 3 enhancement boosts the Biturbo to 750 hp. With a top speed of just over 217 mph and 0 to 62 mph in 3.2 seconds, it’s everything a road going missile on wheels should be. Also part of the kit are a revised ECU, titanium con-rods, a free-flowing exhaust and new camshafts, air filter and clutch.

Founded in 1997, Sportec is a small, 19 person company located in Höri, Switzerland. Their mission is lived out in the cars they create:

SPORTEC: The consequent link of emotion and Performance

Sporty cars arouse emotions and express a certain way of living. Driving a high-performance car signifies an exceptional, breath-taking relationship between man and machine.

We see it as our duty to understand the individuality and personality of our customers and to set the trend with exciting, high-performance cars which will leave their mark on the passion for automobiles.

When you go through the Sportec site, you see a number of very likable performance enhancements for a broad range of cars. Most of the tuners I’ve come across lately focus on current Porsche models only. Sportec has accessories and upgrades for all of the current models and a number of older ones as well.

For the 996, for instance, you can buy a range of accessories such as wheels, exhaust, floor mats, titanium pedals, sport air filters, short shifters, suspension, brake upgrades, and body aerodynamics kits. Or you can buy a complete kit that boosts performance with ECU reprogramming, high performance sports catalytic converter, and sports final muffler. It’s cool to be able to pick and choose, but also get a sense of impact of upgrades based on the information on the Sportec site.

Based on everything I read, Sportec knows their stuff. I’d take a Porsche to them for upgrading. If I ever do, though, I’m getting the Swiss flag painted on the top like the car above. That’s pretty cool.



  1. Looks like a chocolate bar!! Makes the swiss best at 2 things, porsche customs and chocolate.

    My vote still goes to gembala.

    I think you should set up an online poll every once in a while. This one could be: favorite customizer…just to prove gembala ranks 1 😀

  2. I like the Sportec SPR1. Pretty sweet ride.

  3. I’m with you on the flag paint job Ryan – awesome.
    I’d love to drive that bad boy through the tunnels on 26 with the windows down just to hear the sound. Nasty.

  4. Got to love the Swiss, looks like they know what they’re doing.

  5. It reminds me of an ambulance. A really really fast ambulance.

  6. russ, you must’ve forgot that the swiss make very fine watches too.

  7. when i first saw the swiss flag it reminded me of the british flag on mini coopers

  8. Man, I coulda won a mini cooper on The Wheel of Fortune. I think they need to give away Porsches on that show.

  9. so jeremy would you have picked different letters on the wheel of fortune if they were giving away a porsche?? i think not

  10. Love the ivory GT 2, One of my favorite colors for a Porsche, every body line they make suits it!..My other favorite is to the other!

  11. That’s funny, it does look like an ambulance with the Swiss flag on top. Maybe it is an ambulance chaser.