Techart’s Take On The Porsche Panamera

Last month, along with a number of other front runner tuners, Techart released word of their “individualization program” for the Porsche Panamera. Phase 1 of the Techart program will include exterior components which will improve aerodynamics while offering a striking appearance (pretty typical Techart stuff there), 21″ and 22″ light metal wheels, a multifunctional daylight running light system, and extensive interior finishing options.

The rest is pretty typical Techart, but here’s what they had to say in their press release about the interior:

Interior manufacturing is one of the key competences of the Leonberg Porsche tuning specialist. For the market launch of the program for the Panamera, TECHART is presenting exclusive two-colour leather finishing in teak and black. Decorative stitching with matching thread, a roof liner in the same coloured Alcantara, details such as interior colour-matched handles and foot mats with leather edging in the colour teak give rise to extensive personalization. A TECHART sport steering wheel as well as dials with the interior colour complete the sporty and elegant line. A new TECHART exotic wood variation is being used for the first time in the Panamera. The prized ash veneer with a tactile grain decorates the doors, the dashboard and center console.

Of course you can have pretty much anything you want, inside or out, as long as you’re willing to write the associated check. It seems like Techart is best known for their customization packages that appeal more to “the masses” rather than a Ruf or Gemballa one-off specific creation. More of a package selection rather than a true individualized customization. The press release announcing their kits definitely seemed to fall more in line with that approach.

You have to wonder how much business Porsche is taking away from the aftermarket tuners given their extensive customization offerings in house. Sure there will always be things that tuners will do that Porsche won’t, but I have to believe that a lot of the more mundane upgrades and options will just be handled by Porsche themselves rather than customers taking their cars to tuners. At least until the Panamera starts hitting the used market side.

Still a great looking ride and I’d be proud to drive one with any of Techart’s body kits on board.



  1. I been scoping this out for a little while already and i think Techart really nailed it well with the Panamera! Subtle but the way its done is all it took!