LUMMA Design’s Porsche Panamera

We’re starting to see more tuners get into the Porsche Panamera chop up game. Today, Steve, one of our readers, sent me a link about the Panamera creation LUMMA Design has released. Again, artist renditions only at this point, but it looks like they’re going to call it the CLR 700 GT.

Here are the specs I’ve gathered:

  • Up to 700 hp
  • Extreme body kit – interestingly this is more like what I would have expected out of Gemballa
  • 22-inch forged LUMMA Racing Edition 3-piece wheels
  • All-carbon fiber rear wing
  • Ride height lowered 35mm via an electronic module

Pretty wild creation to say the least. Lots won’t like it. Hopefully, for LUMMA’s sake, the ones with the $$$ do.

Thanks for sending this in Steve!



  1. NICE!! Way cooler than the Gemballa effort i have to say!

  2. Pretty wild creation. Now that is a fast looking four door luxury sedan.

  3. I’m going to have to disagree w/ Brad on this one. It looks waaaay too Fast & Furious to me.

  4. Finally somebody made this car look good.I think that it looks like something Porsche would do if they were going for a GT2 Panamera.