Gemballa Mistrale Takes Panamera To New “Lows”

Over the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably started seeing the big Porsche tuners begin releasing their amped up versions of the Porsche Panamera. I’m not sure if they have early access to cars or are simply modifying the beauty shots Porsche has released. I’m assuming tuners like Gemballa and RUF with longstanding relationships with Porsche had their hands on early or pre-production cars. Anyone have any idea?

One of my favorite so far is from Gemballa. Although white is not my favorite Porsche color (except on early 911 Turbos, but I’ll save that for another post), I think it looks pretty amazing on this car. Gemballa has named it’s latest creation the Mistrale. Evidently Mistrale is a cold wind that blows across France’s Provence region, upsetting the normally idyllic weather.

The pictures in this post from Gemballa’s site are just renderings, but I’m sure are relatively close to what we’ll see from the ubertuner. Here’s what I’ve gathered so far:

  • Newly designed carbon body panels presumably based on the Turbo model, with a new front end featuring an integrated carbon lip and bonnet with slotted ventilation ducts to reduce lift
  • Slashes in the hood, hopefully signifying the need to cool a more powerful engine
  • Rear apron treatment providing enough space for the exhaust pipes to be moved up and inward
  • 22-inch wheels
  • Newly programmed air suspension module allowing the car to be lowered 40 mm
  • Optional high-performance brake system

Even though Gemballa has traditionally been known for their exterior and interior treatments, I’m sure we’ll see some power upgrades appear on the Mistrale. Can’t wait to see some mods on an actual Panamera.



  1. Nice..but the blacked out wheel look i dont like so much….on any car actually.

  2. WOW – I have been a Panamera detractor since the start, but this rendering I love. I hope the actual Gemballa version looks very similar. Very nice work.