9ff Uber-Hypes The Panamera

I bookmarked these a couple of weeks ago hoping to have something a little more official come down the pipe, but haven’t seen anything yet. It’s pretty cool seeing tuners start to release customizations of a Porsche yet to be released to the public. I’m guessing that some tuners like Gemballa (I have pictures coming of their after-market kit coming) probably have access to early production models based on their long-standing relationship with Porsche.

In the case of 9ff, it appears they’ve only released renderings of what they anticipate their kit to look like. Of course, they know Porsche, and know what a “typical” car is like, so it’s probably not crazy to anticipate what will and won’t be possible in the production models. Here is what is anticipated to come from 9ff for the Porsche Panamera:

  • 3 power options to boost the stock Panamera Turbo’s base 500 hp:
    • PT-55 – Boosting power through ECU and air filter upgrades to 550 hp with 560 lb-ft of torque
    • PT-60 – Gives you 600 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque through the above upgrades along with an exhaust system overhaul
    • PT-65 – Builds on the above two packages, but adds upgraded air filters, turbochargers, a vented hood and exhaust system…this will get you 650 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque
  • Front bumper and lip; Rear bumper with larger diffuser; Side skirts
  • Quad exhaust pipes; 22″, 3-piece wheels
  • Interior options limited only by your wallet (much like Porsche’s program in my opinion)

Some solid upgrades, especially in the power department. Although overall they seem a bit measly compared to what 9ff has churned out in the past. Maybe they’re playing it safe until they actually get their hands on a production Panamera. Underpromise and overdeliver.

One last thing that cracked me up, but got me thinking as well…MotorTrend.com reported that 9ff called the Panamera Turbo a “sports limousine”. Whole new class of service Porsche is defining here.

[Source & Pictures: MotorTrend.com]


  1. I love the interior of this vehicle but still think the body style is a bit to stationwagony. Not really my vision when I am thinking of the Porsche brand.

  2. Pretty cool for just a rendering!…Cant say i like the interior treatment so much over stock..Maybe just the color.

  3. I like the interior rendering, will wait to see the exterior before saying how I hate aftermarket.

    The motor mods don’t impress me.

  4. btw, if you’re going to do a rendering, I think that shade of blue doesn’t work for the car

  5. I like the agresive look of the front. The wheels look like they came off a 928 s4.