TECHART GT Street RS Rocks The Track

I got an email this morning from TECHART about some very cool records they just set in their Porsche 911 GT2 based GT Street RS. This car is one sweet looking ride that really looks like it belongs more on the track than on the street. Course isn’t that part of the whole point of this upgraded ride? I’m pretty sure it is.

If I was better versed in German, I could tell you the customizations, specs and prices of the different phases of this program. Unfortunately about all I can do in German is ask if you speak English and where I can go to empty my bottom (that one was for any Trigger Happy TV fans out there).

What I CAN tell you is what was achieved in this car. First of all, the TECHART GT Street RS broke the former lap record at the Sachsenring race track with a lap time of 1:31:94. Dang fast! It improved the current AutoBild SPORTSCARS lap record at the Sachsenring by 4.47 seconds. What’s more, and I find this particularly cool for some reason, is they got this thing to stop from 100 km/h in just 36-yards. I’m assuming that’s without hitting a wall to help them stop!

This is one cool ride. I sprinkled pictures throughout for your enjoyment.

Here’s the full press release in case you don’t trust me or just want to read the fine print for yourself:

The TECHART GT Street RS based on the 911 GT2 broke the lap record at theSachsenring race track

Record drive shortly before the turn of the year

Shift down a gear, come to rest – TECHART has organized the turn of the year very differently. After TECHART’s full size SUV speed record in the Italian Nardo, the TECHART GT Street RS based on the 911 GT2 broke the former lap record at the Sachsenring race track. High speed, pace, uniqueness – 100 % TECHART.

In the comparison carried out by AutoBild SPORTSCARS, TECHART impressively asserted its superiority over the competitors. Already before the record drive on the 3,671-meter circuit, the TECHART GT Street RS impressed spectators and proved its unique versatility. Apart from the sprinter qualities demonstrated several times, which were once more unheard of (from 0 to 100 km/hh in only 3.5 sec), the sports car displayed another quality that was just as important: A 36-yard braking distance at a speed of 100 km/h is looking to find its match. Once again, TECHART’s basic principles were confirmed: TÜV-tested and approved components as well as OEM quality in every detail.

For the conclusion of the extensive test program, the TECHART GT Street RS was able to crown once more the performance achieved on this day. With a lap time of 1:31.94 min, the winner of the Tuner Grand Prix 2008 and 2009 repeatedly demonstrated the TECHART winning gene. With more than 1.95 sec of head start, it left not only the competitors far behind, but improved the current AutoBild SPORTSCARS lap record at the Sachsenring by an unprecedented 4.47 sec.



  1. That is one sweet road racer… Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. You would think Techart could throw in a video of this thing breaking the record.

  3. Where’s the drooling emoticon when you need it?

    I would like to second Gregg’s comment that a video of that bad boy would be nice.

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