Tempting Porsches #15

Today’s Tempting Porsche is one that I’m sure the die hard fans will love to hate. In fact, if you’re a Porsche die hard purist, save yourself some frustration and don’t read any further. This is another one of those Porsches I’ve thought about several times since seeing it a few weeks ago at a […]

Tempting Porsches #14

Tempting Porsche #1 Okay, I just can’t help myself. Just about every 911 Turbo I see advertised is tempting to me. You already know I have a “problem”. Today’s first Tempting Porsche is a seal gray 2003 911 Turbo. It’s priced very competitively at $39,995 and I bet if you hung out for a bit, […]

Tempting Porsches #13

Tempting Porsche #1 The first one is a car I’ve watched on Craigslist for nearly 5 months now. I had it in a Tempting Porsches post back in January. The guy still hasn’t sold it and has lowered the price even further. I have it on here because it’s quickly getting to the point where […]

Tempting Porsches #12

“Another round so quickly”, you say? Yep, there’s just too many deals out there to not at least chat about these. Tempting Porsche #1 The first is the usual inexpensive Boxster. This is another one for under $10k. Here are some of the ad details: 86,XXX miles, Blue metallic/gray leather interior 5-speed tiptronic transmission,keyless entry,power […]

Tempting Porsches #11

Time for a couple more Porsches that I would buy in a heartbeat (or maybe two or three at most) if I had the money. As always, I’m sure I’m a bit of a glutton for punishment with one of them since it’s a bit older and probably a bit on the rougher side (you […]

Tempting Porsches #10

Tempting Porsche #1 I’ve always been a 944 fan. Probably because that’s the first Porsche I ever rode in and the first one I ever drove. So it won’t be a surprise that the first Tempting Porsche is a 944. But not just any 944, it’s a 944 Turbo S. This actually IS a rare […]

Tempting Porsches #9

I have two for this round. Both are pretty amazing cars, but a bit on the higher end. Thanks to Joe for getting the first one below on the radar. Tempting Porsche #1 The first is a 2006 911 Carrera 4S that Joe, one of our fine PorschePerfect.com readers, sent our way. The car looks […]

Tempting Porsches #8

This Tempting Porsches is going to be kind of a double whammy. I am usually most tempted by “the deal”, so the cars here tend to be lower priced. Although today’s car is a deal of sorts in my opinion ($12k back of KBB). The real kicker though is that it’s a Cayenne. I know […]

Tempting Porsches #7

Here’s the latest findings that tempt me to go out and find some cash to buy. Tempting Porsche #1 “Get Your Sweetheart a Porsche This Year!” At least the ad title was catchy. I’d love to find a 928S or 928S4 to buy some day. This one is tempting because even with the crapola pictures, […]

Tempting Porsches #6

I’m sure I’m a glutton for punishment, but I keep seeing these old 911s and 912s that are straight and relatively complete, and think “Wouldn’t it be great to buy one of those and fix it up.” I’m not necessarily looking for a car to restore, that’d require way more ambition than I have. But […]