Tempting Porsches #7

Here’s the latest findings that tempt me to go out and find some cash to buy.

Tempting Porsche #1

“Get Your Sweetheart a Porsche This Year!” At least the ad title was catchy. I’d love to find a 928S or 928S4 to buy some day. This one is tempting because even with the crapola pictures, it still looks promising. What doesn’t look promising is 32749 miles on the odometer (something’s wrong there) and the pimp daddy wheels someone decided to put on the car. Here’s what the ad had to say:

Shiny Black 1986 Porsche 928 – Super Condition – First reasonable offer drives her home!

Price: $3,800

Tempting Porsche #2

This one may be one of my “ultimate” dream Porsches. Kind of an old meets newer type of thing. I love the 944s, primarily because those were popular when I was growing up. The 968 benefited from a bit more thump from the engine, an updated interior, and styling that brought in some of the 911 characteristics while maintaining the 944 feel. This car isn’t a screaming deal, especially with 175k miles on the clock, but could be cool if it was well maintained.

Great Looking and Well Maintained Porsche 968
Recently replaced parts include: radiator, waterpump, thermostat, timing and balance belts, flyweel, clutch, battery, front suspension parts including struts, wheel bearings, tie rod ends, caster blocks, etc. Last year the car was hit (not too hard) in the driver’s side fender, which was replaced. I took the opprtunity to have the entire front end block sanded and re-sprayed to remove rock chips that had accumulated over the years.
All maintence records and receipts available. Car has approx. 175k miles and a recent leakdown test by Sunset Porsche gave results that were “better then great” without even accounting for miles (5% variance across all four cylinders, and very small leakage = rings and valves still tight). Interior is clean and in good condition. AM/FM Cassette with 6 disc CD Changer.

Not too shabby. Price is $11,500.


  1. Red > Black anyday
    links? Where do you get these listings?

  2. I’m finding most of these on Craigslist.com these days. Different places around the nation, but both of these happen to be in Portland. Some great deals out there. Now’s the time to buy!

  3. There was a white ’03 Targa up at the FWC lot a couple weeks ago. What ever happened to it? That was a very sweet ride and it never hit your website. Did it sell off line? Do you have a lot of cars that sell before they ever hit the showroom?

    • I was just in Freeman’s a couple of days ago and didn’t see the 2003 Targa on the showroom floor. I did, however, see one over at the lot where they do their car prep and service. Not sure what year, but it was a white Targa…newer model. That might be the one. They had quite a few cars over at that lot that I hadn’t seen before. Maybe it will be hitting the showroom before too long.

  4. I have a 944, and i chose it over the 968 mostly because of the headlights. I’m not a big fan of the round headlights on this body style. on the 911 round headlights match the curves, everything flows together. however the 944/968 and more rigid cars with lines that seperate the curves. which is one of my favorite details of these cars. I do like the stationary headlights that i bought aftermarket for my 944. the flip ups had to go after my relay kept failing on me.

  5. The 928 does look promising as you say, even with the rough pictures! Can always count me as a 928 fan.

  6. Thinking about those painful 928 bills

  7. That $3800 price tag is actually pretty tempting. You could have some fun in that car at a cheap price.

  8. Phil Schneider says

    The 968 would be nice but I’d always prefer the 911 or

  9. why do you torment us with these awesome deals?

  10. 928 looks nice.can always replace wheels!

  11. don’t think 968 got the respect it deserved.nice car in every way.

  12. Yes, this does show that there are actually good deals out there and you just have to search for them and then bite the bullet and just buy it. You are guaranteed to have fun once you own one.

  13. I would go with the first one, but take it to a mechanic for a check-up before you buy.

  14. I don’t believe I would ever purchase a 912, 914 or a 944

  15. really liked 914s as a kid.still do.

  16. mitchell says

    the 968 is rare. i think id go with that one.