Tempting Porsches #14

Tempting Porsche #1

Okay, I just can’t help myself. Just about every 911 Turbo I see advertised is tempting to me. You already know I have a “problem”. Today’s first Tempting Porsche is a seal gray 2003 911 Turbo. It’s priced very competitively at $39,995 and I bet if you hung out for a bit, you could get it much closer to $35k.

Here’s some info from the ad:

An amazing car in every way. Seal gray with navy leather, Bose sound system with CD changer, Carbon fiber interior package, sport seats with body color backing, power sunroof, 6 speed manual, all wheel drive, xenon headlights, new Pirelli’s and all power options available. Just serviced and inspected by Sunset Porsche(given a clean bill of health, I have a copy of the 6 page inspection report). Clean title and Carfax buyback guarantee, 65k miles. Extremely fast, fun, reliable and priced thousands below Kelly Bluebook value.

This is a great looking car, although I don’t know about the navy blue interior. Plus it already has the Pre-Purchase Inspection done so you know exactly what you’re getting.

I still really want a 911 Turbo some day. I’d have a hard time though not biting on an older 80’s 911 Turbo from my younger Porsche lovin days.

Which brings me to Tempting Porsche #2…

Tempting Porsche #2

TP #2 is darn near exactly what I would love to own some day. It appears to be a mid-80’s 911 Turbo in midnight blue. I love the bulkiness and hulking look to these cars. Especially when they’re side-by-side with a normal 911 from the same time period.

This one has the flared fenders and big whale tail that “made” the look of the earlier Turbos in my opinion. Not a lot of info beyond that in the ad:

Beautiful midnight blue 911 turbo porsche. Runs great, recent work on valve covers and fuel accumulator. It is super clean in and out. Comes equipted with XM stereo, Alpine CD player, RUF wheels, sunroof, AC, It is Fast and Furious! Low miles!

Price: $29,500

Aside from the midnight blue color, which could actually be a plus on this car, this is a great example of a car that has gone on my Ultimate Car List to own some day.


  1. I LOVE that 911 Turbo in Midnight Blue…The color works for this particular car…Thats the thing with some colors, Try it on another car and its no fit, But on the right setup..perfect!, Add it as another color for me!

    I have always loved the 80`s era 911`s ..This one just encompasses every terrific trait…and yes that hulking widebody! so 80`s and still so cool! Too bad we cant see the RUF wheels so much in the pic!

  2. Those would both be the ultimate cars to own. They each have their own unique style, and I really do love the whale tail and fenders on the older 911.

  3. miles miles miles!
    What amount before it becomes a dump?

  4. i think if i had the choice i’d go with a 80’s turbo rather than a newer one just for the classic look and the air cooled engine.

  5. I like how both owners describe their cars as ‘fast’. They are freaking Porsches, of course they are fast. Tell us something that isn’t obvious.

  6. OK, between the two I’d definitely have to go with “TP #1” (I like the abbreviation scheme Ryan) for three reasons, and all three are because of what is, or isn’t in TP #2’s ad:

    1) No year listed? Who lists a car and doesn’t tell you what year it is?
    2) If you think equipted is a real word I probably don’t want you doing valve cover and accumulator work to any vehicle I will ever own.
    3) Fast & Furious is a movie starring Vin Diesel – not an acceptable way of describing a Porsche.

  7. mitchell says

    i like the first one best.

  8. the gunmetal turbo is nice