Tempting Porsches #8

This Tempting Porsches is going to be kind of a double whammy. I am usually most tempted by “the deal”, so the cars here tend to be lower priced. Although today’s car is a deal of sorts in my opinion ($12k back of KBB).

The real kicker though is that it’s a Cayenne. I know I know. You’re probably thinking, “How can you be such an avid Cayanne basher, then turn around and say you want a Cayenne?!” Call me a hypocrite, but today was the first time I actually sat in a Cayenne that I could see myself driving every day. This is my Tempting Porsche for today:

It’s a black 2004 Cayenne Turbo AWD. Black interior. Nice and clean with lots of options. Here’s some of the highlights:

Power Options: Steering, Windows, Locks, Seats, Mirrors, Sunroof
Luxury Options: A/C, Climate Control, Heated Seats, Leather, Cruise, Navigation, Premium Bose Sound, Alarm, Keyless Entry, Home Link, Memory Seat, Paddle Shift, Rain Sensing, Rear Sunshades, Wood Wheel
Airbags: Front, Side Front, Side Rear, Side Curtains
Other: Traction Control, Alloys, Roofrack, Towing Package, Xenon Lights, Adjustable Ride Control, Distance Sensor
Mileage: 31,897

Price: $37,995

You really aren’t lacking for much. I’m a sucker (for a lot of things…) for the dark leather interior, rich wood accents, etc. Reminds me of the Caddilac DTS I can’t wait to buy when I get old. Add the turbo to this baby and I was hooked! I feel like the guy that dogs the chubby chick, but ends up falling for something about her. You always ending up saying the same thing, “It’s a pretty sweet ride”.

You can check it out at Freeman Motor Company.


  1. hahaha the chubby chick and the sweet ride!!!! haven’t heard that analogy in awhile!!! HAHAHA!!!!

  2. Looks like you’re finally coming around to the Cayenne! If I were to ever get an SUV, this would be the one.

  3. I have to be totally honest. If I am getting a Porsche, its not going to be to haul my kids around in. Go ahead and smear your fruit snacks all over the seat of my Explorer if you want kids, but there will be no food in Daddy’s Porsche.

  4. I just saw a really awesome 2006 911 on Craigs List that I think could classify as a tempting Porsche! Let me know if you want the link, wasn’t sure where to post this.

  5. I’d love to see it. Send it over via the Contact Form.

  6. The Cayenne is certainly something i would not mind driving…But if i am buying a Porsche to own, Its got to have only two doors 🙂