Tempting Porsches #6

I’m sure I’m a glutton for punishment, but I keep seeing these old 911s and 912s that are straight and relatively complete, and think “Wouldn’t it be great to buy one of those and fix it up.” I’m not necessarily looking for a car to restore, that’d require way more ambition than I have. But I kind of like the look of older 911s that have had a few updates done and have a nice coat of paint on them. Something about that combination of old and new.

Today’s tempting Porsche is a direct result of too much “wouldn’t it be great…” day dreaming.

I’ve seen this 1968 911 on Craiglist a few times over the past month. It popped back up this week and looks like a recent sale fell through. Here are some details on it:

Hate to sell her, but I’ve (my wife) decided I don’t need another project until I get my current one completed. She’s a 1968 Porsche 911 (normal, not an L) coupe. Very bad black paint job over the factory sand beige. Currently not running, but I was told it was running when parked due to a fuel leak issue. Engine is turning over, but not firing due to no spark (which I am currently troubleshooting. Oil was clean, as was the magnet. 5 speed 901 trans. 4- 4.5″ chrome steel wheels (11/66 date code). Typical rust areas.

He’s asking $5500 for this little beauty. My “wouldn’t it be great” dream would be to end up with something that looked like this:

It’s a 912E that has been “re-built”, had a bunch of internal and external updates (I could do without the external updates other than paint and possibly some wheels). This car also happens to be on Craigslist offered at $11,500.

Anyone care to join the dream with me?


  1. That black 68….I just look at that pic and imaging her back to glory days…It couldnt be me to do it, But i hope someone worthy tackles the job!…Sad to see her a little roughed up like that, But easily see the potential with the right new owner!

    • Brad, I’m pretty sure you and I should never go look at old Porsches together. We’d end up buying every one. Those are the same thoughts that run through my head when I see those cars.

  2. tdankodt says

    I’d like to see her back to factory sand beige 🙂

  3. Awesome!

  4. never like the external updates

  5. It would take a lot of work, so if you have the money and the time go for it. I would probably rather buy one that has been maintained and doesn’t need a lot of elbow grease.

  6. Nice car!

  7. Awesome car!

  8. Phil Schneider says

    top one needs a lot of love but I would respect
    a person who tackled the job

  9. The decision is yours. You can chip the asking price down to help pay for the needed work, or go and spend the 11K for the red one.

  10. I never thought about searching for a Porsche on Craig’s List …. I’m off to see what’s available in my area.

  11. hope you know your stuff.

  12. I’ve found that if you don’t know all, most Porsche owners will be quite helpful. It’s a nice “family” group.

  13. Phil Schneider says

    There’s a magic, perfect Porsche out there
    that’s really cheap

  14. What was the final decision? The 911 or 912?

  15. The red one is hot. A little work and sweat equity and you will be rolling in dough