Tempting Porsches #12

“Another round so quickly”, you say? Yep, there’s just too many deals out there to not at least chat about these.

Tempting Porsche #1

The first is the usual inexpensive Boxster. This is another one for under $10k. Here are some of the ad details:

86,XXX miles, Blue metallic/gray leather interior 5-speed tiptronic transmission,keyless entry,power top,windows,mirrors,&trunk.New B.F.Goodrich G-forceT/As

Can you believe that?! A “modern” Porsche for under ten grand?! Sure the color isn’t the greatest, and I don’t love gray interior, but come on, this would be a lot of Porsche fun for not a lot of money. Plus new tires.

Price: $10,000, although I would venture to bet that you could walk in with $8500 or $9000 and buy it pretty easily. At that price, you should be able to darn near drive it for free for a year if maintenance was minimal.

Tempting Porsche #2

Today’s second tempting deal is a 1979 Porsche 928. This one is a metallic black with black interior. Get this, only 85424 miles on it. Here’s some details from the ad:

Air conditioning; Cassette player; Cruise control; Power steering; Power windows; Power door locks; Power seats; Leather seats; Tinted windows; Alloy wheels

Local Portland Car*85,424 Original Miles*Pristine Condition*

Everyone in my family hates the look of the 928. Every time, and I mean EVERY single time, I point one out, someone in my family says “That’s ugly.” I’ve also heard the word “Pacer” used more than once in reference to the 928. That’s like dropping an F-Bomb to my sensitive Porsche ears. However, none of that has deterred me from liking the 928 and after my little drive in the mid-80’s 911 Turbo Look a few days ago, I have a renewed immediate interest in some of these older models. Maybe there’s a “classic car” guy in me somewhere after all.

All that to say, this 928 looks pretty amazing. Great low miles and if it checks out, could be a great driver. The only bummer part is the 5-speed manual transmission. Personally I think the best 928s were the automatics.

Price: $7950


  1. It is funny you said Pacer, I have always thought that. I think the 928 must have been a mistake. I am proud that you are willing to say you like it, I now truly believe in your love of Porsches because that is an ugly car.

  2. Not only are you a 928 supporter, but a 928 w/ auto supporter? Nice.

    Personally, for the prices there the Boxster would be my first choice.
    Good finds.

  3. I agree with you Scott, the lines on that car are just not pleasing to the eye.

  4. What year is the Boxster? Mileage seems a bit high, but a fun car nontheless.

  5. i’ve got a porsche you might be interested in ryan once i win your 911.

  6. 86k miles?? A honda would be near death at those levels. hehe

  7. Do Porsche owners keep their cars with that high of mileage? It seems like they would want to upgrade at around 50K.

  8. @Russ – what are you talking about? You know Hondas run forever.

    @Jeremy – somebody has to own them after 50k miles, right? They don’t all just hit the scrapper the moment they break 50k. Doesn’t necessarily mean it is the original owner. But I know that I’m not in the business of buying cars w/ 0 miles on them.

  9. 928’s aren’t that bad. But I will take a 911 anyday over any car.

  10. I like the 928 a lot1 , For me they dress well in dark colors, In particular is the 928 GTS Boxsters get passed over by some Porsche fans too and i dont understand that either, Nice starter Porsche with plenty of style beautiful lines and a fun car!
    What makes me appreciate the 928 is also the philosophy of Porsche having the reputation from the top that straights lines are a bore in car design.

  11. mitchell says

    of course i woul “take” either of these cars, but probably would spend much for them. just not a fan when there are other horses in the barn.