Tempting Porsches #15

Today’s Tempting Porsche is one that I’m sure the die hard fans will love to hate. In fact, if you’re a Porsche die hard purist, save yourself some frustration and don’t read any further.

This is another one of those Porsches I’ve thought about several times since seeing it a few weeks ago at a local used car dealership. It’s a 1969 Porsche Speedster replica. Here is a picture of the car:

The car is absolutely gorgeous and looks indistinguishable from an original on the outside (at least to my non-expert eyes). Here are some details on the car from the ad:

Built by Vintage Speedsters, based in California, they created this drop dead gorgeous replica! Wood Nardi Wheel, CD Player, Sport Seats, 1600 CU VW motor with Webers, Sounds amazing, 4 speed with front Disc Brakes, Laser straight body, looks like new!

I know a lot of people will poo poo a replica, but this is one of those cars you could actually drive and enjoy without worrying about something terrible happening to it. You also have to admit, at least from the pictures, it looks amazing.

Price to play? $23,995


  1. I think this is fine to drive around and have fun in without worrying about door dings or scratches. This wouldn’t be my only Porsche though. Still would need a 911 or a 930.

  2. mitchell says

    it looks nice. reminds me of the car Columbo used to drive, lol..

  3. when i look at this car all i can think of is what kind of sunglasses would look best with this car. sunglasses on me of course, not the car

  4. Simple and elegant. What a beauty

  5. nothing wrong with replicas, but for my tastes, I’d rather have one with more of a resto-mod look.

  6. Some replicas are done right and i am familiar with vintage speedsters. Its done right , And true, Most speedsters now are trailer queens, for the simple fear of risk…I agree and say why not have a nicely done replica to enjoy?, And have a real speedster to hoard 🙂

  7. I am a HUGE fan of the Speedsters. Even though that one is a replica it is a really good looking one – and one I would be just fine with driving.
    I’m surprised at how many Porsches NWI has in stock right now.

  8. One other request with this if it was mine, Ordered up in black! Not saying that silver looks bad at all, But black would push this over the top drop dead in looks!

  9. Andrew, where is Porsche NWI located anyway?

  10. Jeremy – it isn’t a Porsche dealership. It’s called NW Investment Cars and is located on Canyon. http://www.nwicars.com/

  11. brad i totally agree with black. it gives it such the top gun look

  12. I’m going to have to disagree on the black on this one. While it would look more Top Gun, I think the silver Speedster is only way to go. Well, I guess you can’t go wrong w/ the Speedster, so maybe saying it’s the only way to go is a bit strong, but in my book it’s the only way to go. 🙂

  13. andrew, what about the mary kay edition in pink?? would that still be a way to go??

  14. not bad for a replica

  15. @James lol . …Hey if Mary Kay is giving these out, I`m signing up…any of you guys interested in the latest selection of lipsticks? 🙂