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Another Porsche Carrera GT Video

I posted a video a couple of weeks ago shot by a guy who was chasing a Porsche Carrera GT around town, shooting video of it accelerating and whatnot (you can see it here: Carrera GT Chased Down On Foot?). He ended up leaving a comment on the post this morning. His name is Arjandeiro […]

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Video

Auto Express spends a day beating up the latest Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Some great driving footage on the track. As a side note, I love the red steering wheel accents, red headliner and red belts. Just “looks” fast.

Route 30 Classics: A Slice Of Porsche Heaven On Earth

My wife first stumbled across Route 30 Classics a few years ago while on a bike ride in the area with some friends. As soon as she told me about it, I was ready to roll that day, but it took another year to actually get back there. Unfortunately it ended in a failed attempt […]

Porsche 918 Spyder Up Close by 9 Magazine

If you aren’t on the 9 Magazine mailing list for updates, get on it! Also consider subscribing to the publication. It’s a great magazine run by some people who really enjoy Porsches. They got some exclusive time with the 918 Spyder concept car and took a bunch of pictures. They also wrote up a post […]

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

I’m sure most of you have seen info and pictures on this car over the last week. This is too great of a car not to post up though, if for no other reason than the pics! Last week, on Wednesday, Porsche announced the 2011 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS model. Available as both a coupe […]

Brand New Porsche Speedster!

Today is a beautiful day in Porsche-land. Porsche officially announced a brand new Speedster to the lineup for 2011. Only the fourth car to bear the Speedster name, the 2011 Porsche 911 Carrera Speedster will make its debut at the Paris Motor Show next month. And I can’t WAIT! I’ve long loved the Speedster designated […]

Carrera GT Chased Down On Foot??!!

Normally I wouldn’t post a video like this. The camera work is way too shaky and there’s nothing overly cool about it. However, I swear, the dude is chasing this Porsche Carrera GT around town on foot! Listen to his breathing towards the end. Made me laugh. Great sounding car though.

1957 356 Cabriolet Restoration – Part 12

Here’s the second update from James… Finally got to weld the left rocker on.

1957 356 Cabriolet Restoration – Part 11

It’s been nearly a month since our last update from James on the 1957 Porsche 356 Cabriolet he’s working on restoring. We’ve got two updates this time around. Here’s the first from James… In the last installment I started fitting the front structure together. Now we will go further with that. The project starts to […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Late again, but some cool stories and sites from last week. 50 years of Porsche Speedster ownership – This was a cool little story about Jim Giese who has owned his 1958 Speedster for nearly 50 years. He bought the car in October of 1960. He’s driven and enjoyed the car, including a fair amount […]