Another Porsche Carrera GT Video

I posted a video a couple of weeks ago shot by a guy who was chasing a Porsche Carrera GT around town, shooting video of it accelerating and whatnot (you can see it here: Carrera GT Chased Down On Foot?). He ended up leaving a comment on the post this morning.

His name is Arjandeiro and he lives in Belgium. He said he loves cars and uses his bike to “chase” them down. He also added another video clip that is pretty cool. Sadly it’s likely how I would drive a Carrera GT if I owned one. Probably good I don’t have the means.

As it turns out, Arjandeiro has over 100 YouTube videos in his channel. All appear to be car related. You can see the channel here: Arjandeiro’s YouTube Channel.

Thanks for coming by Arjandeiro.


  1. Whoa that’s an awesome video by Arjandeiro! Definitely some really great skills to manage that 360 and then in between the cones with the car 😀

    Till then,


  2. Great video buddy! I really enjoyed it. Hoping few more awesome stuff from your end..

  3. That car sounds incredible.