Carrera GT Chased Down On Foot??!!

Normally I wouldn’t post a video like this. The camera work is way too shaky and there’s nothing overly cool about it. However, I swear, the dude is chasing this Porsche Carrera GT around town on foot! Listen to his breathing towards the end. Made me laugh.

Great sounding car though.


  1. Kind of creepy, but I’m guessing he was on a bike (pedal powered that is). vs. running.

  2. I think he’s on a bike?

  3. That was me chasing it lol

  4. Alright, I’ll agree to the bike theory, but picturing Brad chasing this thing around town on foot like a crazed maniac is much more exciting in my mind for some reason.

  5. Its more comical (disturbing) than exciting Ryan lol

  6. Stalker-like. Funny to hear the breathing going with it.

  7. @ Brad,
    Strange to hear that you shot this footage, because I made it 😛

    @ Ryan,
    I’m a carlover from Belgium. And yes, I use my bike to ‘chase’ cars. On the other hand I’m pleased to see that you blog my video.
    Thank you

    If you think this video was weak, check this one…

    I also have spotted another Porsche 997, but have have no idea at all what model it is. It looks like a Turbo MKI without spoiler…
    Could you help me? I don’t want to spam, is there a topic where I can ask those things, or should I just put the link down here?

    grts Arjandeiro

    • Arjandeiro, thanks for stopping by. Would love it if you’d notify us of new videos as you post them on YouTube. You can get in touch with me using the contact form in the top nav.

      Send me a link to the Porsche 997 you’re curious about and I’ll post it.

  8. I can’t blame you on following the car.If you see one on the top ten most expensive car in the world at your front.I think i can’t resist to take photos as well if permitted.

  9. Post the link to the 997! Awesome video of the carrera GT, Arjandeiro!



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