Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche Panamera convertible may be in the works – Starting to see the rumor mill churn out reports of a possible 2-door Panamera convertible version. Automotive News is also speculating that a 4-door Panamera convertible could make it’s way to the lineup. I’ve always loved the Ferrari Mondial with it’s 2+2 coupe setup. I could […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Free Porsche rental with hotel stay – Hotels are definitely getting creative with their promotions these days. This has got to be one of the best currently being offered at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Your night’s stay includes a free rental of a Porsche, Mercedes or BMW convertible. Other great promos going […]

Porsche Web Perfection

This morning I had an email from the “Porsche Team” waiting for me in my inbox. It was announcing the new Panamera.com web site. I fully expected this to be another model specific site, which it is, only with some great Porsche history additions. The first screen you see is the one above presenting examples […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

After a week off, we’re back in action on the Weekly Porsche Wrap. I’m sure this is one of the least favorite weekly features on PorschePerfect.com, but it’s one of my favorite because it keeps me up on the weird Porsche happenings in the world. Here’s what I have for this week: No more mafia […]

Happy Birthday Wishes!!!

Today is a special day for a couple of people. First, Ferry Porsche, were he still alive, would turn 100 today, September 19th. Another special person is celebrating his birthday today…ME! To be honest, until Paul mentioned it yesterday, I had no idea ol FP and I shared the same birth date. How crazy is […]

Win A Porsche Design ????

We’ve got a new little giveaway for you to enter. This one is easy. Ruthless Bookie has volunteered to spend an entire day of his life taking pictures of all the Porsches he can find in his area. These will be Porsches “in the wild” meaning no Porsche Dealership cars will count. One picture per […]

And The Winner Is….

It’s only fitting that our 400th post (yes, this post is #400 since starting the blog less than a year ago) is the one that HOPEFULLY gives away this amazing car. Check out the video to find out who won. Pay attention or you’ll miss it. And no, the winner HAS NOT been notified yet. […]

Porsche Giveaway Update UPDATE

We were hoping to have the video done by now, but we’ve run into a couple of technical difficulties. Sometimes that happens when you’re breaking new ground with all sorts of Porsche antics. Sorry for the delay, but hey, it’s a freakin PORSCHE we’re givin away here. It’s gotta be just right. Should be done […]

Porsche Giveaway Update

We’ve drawn a new winner…….BUT……..the video isn’t ready yet. It likely won’t be up until tomorrow. Don’t worry though, Brock won’t be harmed in the making of the video (or at least I hope he won’t be).

What Porsche Sent Me…From the Inner Sanctum

I’m sure many of you are going to laugh. You might even call me a fool before it’s all done, but Porsche made me feel like one special guy late last week. I got home from work only to find a package waiting for me from The Motherland…well, the North American version of The Motherland. […]