What Porsche Sent Me…From the Inner Sanctum

I’m sure many of you are going to laugh. You might even call me a fool before it’s all done, but Porsche made me feel like one special guy late last week. I got home from work only to find a package waiting for me from The Motherland…well, the North American version of The Motherland. After looking at it for a few, trying to figure out what they had sent me, I finally opened it up to find the following nicely wrapped box:


My first thought, “Wow Porsche, you didn’t have to get me anything…Oh, alright, you did!” 911 GT3…this HAD to be good!

And here’s what was inside:


A somewhat personalized letter and a gorgeous brochure “From the inner sanctum” highlighting the 911 GT3. As a kid, I always loved car brochures. I’d pick them up whenever we went to look at new cars. Porsche was, of course, no different. I think I saved some of the literature I picked up at local Porsche dealerships from the 80’s. The pictures in this brochure are gorgeous and I love the layout. Took me to another place in time for a few.

Anyway, I just wanted to share. Felt like someone important for a few minutes. Anyone else get one of these beauties?


  1. No food??

  2. ive gotten them from other car companies – and like you, thought it was something more important. one of them was several years ago from mercedes and coincidentally enough, i had actually entered a sweepstakes THEY had put on, so when this package came via fedex and i had to sign for it (and then when i saw who it was from) i thought i had won something. but nah, just some fancy junk mail, lol…

    • @mitchell, man, that would suck

    • Probably my favorite junk mail brochure from a car manufacturer so far was from Lamborghini. Sent me their yearly magazine and it arrived in a foil looking bubble wrap package. Simply amazing. The magazine alone probably cost as much as the car I was driving at the time.

  3. I got one a few years ago from Porsche with a dvd about the Cayene. GT3 much cooler though.

  4. haha thats pretty random, bubble wrapped magazine

  5. Auto week had a small picture of the new GT3RS can’t wait to see some good pictures of that.

  6. @Ryan, I was hoping it was because you run a respected Porsche Blog. Would be nice if they’d set you up with a test/review drive of the GT3.

    • How awesome would that be! Who knows, maybe someday. Gonna have to give a lot of PorschePerfect.com readers co-pilot opportunities if we ever get a chance a fleet cars.

  7. Where can i sign up for co pilot opportunities? and can i check off “position wanted” DRIVER. I would much rather scare the “$^%$%$#” out of someone else 🙂

  8. That is definitely more cool than most of the mail I get, bills…

  9. If Porsche sent me this, I would totally go out and by a GT3 that same day…okay maybe not.