The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Looking for that something extra EXTRA special to get dad for Father’s Day? You’re in luck. I just found what could possible be the ultimate Father’s Day gift. Put together by the American Le Mans Series, the Ultimate Father’s Day Package includes some serious swag, including a Porsche 911! The center piece of this package […]

Black & Decker Products Your Friends And Family Will Love You For

Black & Decker recently sent me a little package containing products that I have to say are life savers. Especially for a techie geek like me who loves cars, as well as a techie family with all sorts of electronics that make their way into our travels both near and far. Up until B&D sent […]

PCA Special Edition Pen

I have to admit I was a little surprised and skeptical when I got an email from Alan Shaw of Shaw Pens asking me to give him a call. He claimed to be responsible for designing and producing the recent PCA special edition carbon fiber pen. I took a quick look at his site, though, […]

Porsche Design P’6612 Dashboard Le Mans 1970 Limited Edition Watch

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big watch fan. I’m not any sort of a collector, but I appreciate a fine time piece and would love to have the means to buy one or two on my list. You can guess, then, that I’m all for any reason that comes up for Porsche Design to […]

Porsche Club of America TAG Heuer Watch

Two things that I absolutely love are pens and watches. My wife really doesn’t get it and just shakes her head when I start talking about some cool watch I saw or a pen I’d love to have in my little collection. Unfortunately, when you are mesmerized by things like pens and watches, the habit […]

Activision Blur Game Review

We haven’t covered too many non-Porsche specific things over the life of this blog, but every once in a while something comes along that I think is worth mentioning to fellow auto enthusiasts. Especially those interested in sports cars like Porsche. Despite the recent number of video game related things I’ve posted about, this is […]

Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S Racing Wheel Review

For as long as I’ve been playing video games (admittedly a long time), I’ve loved playing racing games. They’ve always been my favorite. Pole Position was probably the first “real” racing game I got addicted to. I played it until I could finish it consistently every time on a single quarter. From that point on, […]

Porsche Christmas List Addition

Still can’t figure out what to get the Porsche enthusiast in your life? Have I got a suggestion for you! How about a one of a kind (at least that I know of) Porsche Table?! I found this while browsing Craigslist this morning. As much as I love the Porsche 930 Whale Tail, I don’t […]

Last Minute Porsche Christmas Gifts

This year Christmas has snuck up on me a bit. I’ve actually intended to write a post highlighting some Christmas gifts for the Porsche enthusiast for almost a month now. For some reason, though, I haven’t gotten around to it. Couple that with my tendency to procrastinate and, well, you’ll have a good picture of […]

What Porsche Sent Me…From the Inner Sanctum

I’m sure many of you are going to laugh. You might even call me a fool before it’s all done, but Porsche made me feel like one special guy late last week. I got home from work only to find a package waiting for me from The Motherland…well, the North American version of The Motherland. […]