PCA Special Edition Pen

I have to admit I was a little surprised and skeptical when I got an email from Alan Shaw of Shaw Pens asking me to give him a call. He claimed to be responsible for designing and producing the recent PCA special edition carbon fiber pen. I took a quick look at his site, though, and he has some beautiful designs. What’s more, he was recently featured in Pen World (arguably the most important magazine in the pen/writing instrument world), which only further legitimizes this penmaker.

I’m not usually much of a fan of logo’d gear or accessories of any sort. I love Porsches, and I’m a PCA member, but I don’t need to go around announcing it to the world. This, however, is one PCA item I wouldn’t mind having on my desk. The pen is absolutely gorgeous, which is part of the reason I was so skeptical when Alan emailed me.

A little about Shaw. He learned penmaking years ago. In 2006, he ended up making it his full time business. One thing he mentioned to me on the phone, and that he seems very proud of, is everything is made in the good old USA. From the pens themselves to the nibs and boxes.

The PCA special edition pen is made of carbon fiber and features the PCA medallion recessed on the end of the cap. It’s not a limited edition, but only 55 will be made in time for Christmas delivery this year. The pen sells for $349.

The pen speaks for itself and anything I try to say to describe it won’t even begin to do it justice. Just take a look at the pictures. I will say this combines two things I absolutely love: pens and Porsches.

This would make a great Christmas gift or addition to a collection.

UPDATE: Alan emailed me a minor point of clarification. The nibs used in the pens are made in Germany, not the USA as I mentioned in the post.