Porsche Club of America TAG Heuer Watch

Two things that I absolutely love are pens and watches. My wife really doesn’t get it and just shakes her head when I start talking about some cool watch I saw or a pen I’d love to have in my little collection. Unfortunately, when you are mesmerized by things like pens and watches, the habit is not a cheap one. You get to view from afar much more often than enjoy ownership. Hmmm, sounds a lot like my love affair with Porsche.

One watch that I had the chance to pick up fairly cheap, but didn’t a few years ago was a TAG Heuer Monaco. It was one of the square watches with blue band and blue face just like the one Steve McQueen wore in Le Mans. I still regret not picking that one up.

The Porsche Club of America is celebrating it’s 55th year this year and has teamed up with TAG to offer a very limited edition timepiece to PCA members. This specialized Monaco, inspired by Steve McQueen’s blue Monaco, features red and black rally strips on the dial along with a circled “55” to commemorate the year the PCA launched AND its 55th anniversary.  On the back of the watch, the PCA logo is engraved into the sapphire exhibition back.

This is a pretty cool watch and would be a heck of an addition to a watch collection, especially if that person also had an soft spot for Porsches. The cost will be $5,500 for each of the 55 examples and available exclusively to PCA members. You can read more here: PCA-TAG.com.

Looks like this is another one I’ll have to admire from afar.


  1. I would love the Monaco, it is sporty without being over the top.