Porsche Giveaway Update UPDATE

We were hoping to have the video done by now, but we’ve run into a couple of technical difficulties. Sometimes that happens when you’re breaking new ground with all sorts of Porsche antics. Sorry for the delay, but hey, it’s a freakin PORSCHE we’re givin away here. It’s gotta be just right. Should be done on Sunday.

Someone was just saying they were missing all the drama on the blog now that only our regulars are posting. This should provide some drama…you all can hate on a me for a bit! Feel free to comment away.


  1. nothin but love man..

  2. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  3. soooo has the e-mail been sent to the winner yet? if so, damn….

    • @James – Nope, not yet. That’s why the video is so important. The winner needs to find out about his or her good fortune at the same time as everyone else.

  4. Regulars = no fun.
    The delays have added to the drama. That’s made it pretty fun/exciting. Every time we come to the blog now there’s a chance we could find out we’ve won. I guess you could drag it out a few more days/weeks/months. 🙂

  5. No hate here Ryan, peace and love, peace and love. Thank you Ryan for what you have given us all.

  6. OK RYAN, you have drug this dog gone thing out too long. Give the freakin Porshce away today ok??? What is so technical about branding Brock? As long as you have a disclaimer that no animals were hurt in the making of the video that should cover you.

    Just kidding. This has been a fun contest and I can’t wait to see if I get to be the lucky one. I have been telling friends and family about this and they keep asking so I hope to tell them something today.

  7. Thanks for the shoutout

  8. My guess is the winner has been notified. The video would be of him accepting it. Sometimes it is difficult to get the winner there for the video.

    Maybe he won’t show and they will pick another?

    Hoping. Hoping. Hoping…


  9. @ ryan. that’s good to hear it’s going to be posted on the site before the e-mail. although i’ve checked my e-mail about 100 times today just waiting to get the answer

  10. The video is still in production. Evidently there are some CGI effects in post production that are slowing things down…something about Brock, a Light-Saber, and some farm animals….stay tuned folks.