And The Winner Is….

It’s only fitting that our 400th post (yes, this post is #400 since starting the blog less than a year ago) is the one that HOPEFULLY gives away this amazing car. Check out the video to find out who won. Pay attention or you’ll miss it. And no, the winner HAS NOT been notified yet. Everyone finds out together right here!!!


  1. congrats Jeff…..I was actually hoping for another Mr. Farenheit video, but this was pretty close to being THAT good.

  2. congrats jeff!

  3. That is exciting… Great video…

  4. Congrats winner. We are all excited for you. don’t for get to go rollin with your homies.

  5. Don’t know if we’re not supposed to comment or not – should probably watch the whole video, but congrats to the winner (I won’t post his name)! 🙂

  6. JEff W you da man

  7. congrats! im pretty sure ive seen that name on here. so unless he has a heart attack while watching, i think we have a winner….

    good video too! i think this site needs more videos of you guys doing fun porsche related things.

  8. Congratulations Jeff, I hope you enjoy the car. Great video.

  9. Any chance Jeff does not claim the Porsche?! Haha. Congrats on the new ride dude!

  10. Great video guys!!!

  11. Congratulations Jeff W. .. Laughed my a** off at that video, The sad daniel song LOL !!!

  12. Thanks all. I know I will enjoy the 911 and will keep you all informed on my first roadtrip. Hmmm, the In-N-Out is a great idea Ryan. I do love me a good In-N-Out burger. Oh yeah!!!

  13. Congrats Jeff!! Have fun with the car!!

  14. great video and congrats to Jeff!
    let’s see how quick he takes to call up
    and grab that beautiful Porsche.

  15. so, Jeff W in this thread is the winner, or is it a different Jeff?

  16. Jeff…way to go buddy! I know you will love having this car. The video was so funny. Ryan and Paul and Brock…you guys did a great job with all of this!

  17. cool, Jeff, how are you getting the car home?

  18. OMGosh…
    I am so happy Jeff won. I also entered (I work with jeff and HE was the one to send me the link). If I couldn’t win, I am so glad he will be driving off on his honeymoon in this beautiful car!!!!

  19. @ruthless – I will be driving it home as it is only about an hour from my home. That worked out pretty sweet, huh.

  20. Jenny (Jeremy's wife) says

    Congrats to Jeff and kudos to Ryan for keeping my husband busy for the past 6 months (or longer?)… now Jeremy can start obsessing about what he’s going to try and win next. As you have all seen, he fights to the finish to win. Of course, I still think the Wheel money is plenty for any person in a year.. but who am I?

    Brock.. like I said.. you’ve got some serious talent. Bring it down here to LA.

    Peace. Jen

    • @Jen – Don’t worry, we’ve got another little contest coming up this week to keep Jeremy busy. It’s not as big as this one, but he can still compete.

  21. B-rock (busy like a cyclone) Bowers says

    I had a lot of fun with this and I am glad we found someone awesome to give it to. Can’t wait to be apart of giving something else away.

    I am really excited for Jeff to come pick up the 911!!

    @Jenny – you know that LA is where i want to be. The only problem is the cost of living and actually making it with the over saturated amount of talent there……on the bright side, i could wear cargo shorts year-round.

  22. Looking forward to the video of Jeff picking up the Porsche. I suggest you arrive wearing cargo shorts, but that’s just me (and I’m sure Brock). Nice work with the video guys – this one was better than the last.

  23. Mr Farenheight is awesome!

    Jeff, you definitely owe us video or pics or both of your first day with the 996. See, I’m calling it a 996, and you should learn that kinda lingo…this is gonna be fun. Also, make sure that you ALWAYS pronounce it “Porshuh”, not “Porsh” like most Americans – it give’s you an air of sophistication. Extra points if you correct others who pronounce it wrong.

    Bottom line, I want pics, videos, stories, etc about you and your new ride!

    Congrats again!

  24. After watching this video for the 15th time I still can’t believe I actually won. Plus I am really digging the jingle. Brock, you are one talented dude.

  25. @ruthless I will plan on keeping you all updated. For now I haven’t done much because I had back surgery last week so I am lying low until I heal up. I definitely always say ‘Porschuh’ and always have. So you thinnk I should say 996 because that shows the ‘type’ for those that are familiar to the 911 model, right?