Happy Birthday Wishes!!!


Today is a special day for a couple of people. First, Ferry Porsche, were he still alive, would turn 100 today, September 19th. Another special person is celebrating his birthday today…ME! To be honest, until Paul mentioned it yesterday, I had no idea ol FP and I shared the same birth date. How crazy is that?!


  1. happy b-day! did anyone get you cargo shorts as a gift?

  2. Happy Birthday! Way to share your birthday with a legend!! You should toss back a couple german beers today.

  3. Happy B-day!! That is pretty cool you share the same b-day with “Ferry” When did the two of you pose for this pic? lol

  4. That is so cool. Happy Birthday Ryan! and Ferry Porsche too…

  5. Happy birthday.

  6. that is classic. you should make a poster of this and put it in your office or better yet over the fire place in your home. i bet your wife would gladly approve

  7. Happy birthday brother-

  8. Happy Birthday! You make such a handsome couple.

  9. Really his name was Ferry? Who names their kid Ferry? I guess it was a long time ago.