Weekly Porsche Wrap

After a week off, we’re back in action on the Weekly Porsche Wrap. I’m sure this is one of the least favorite weekly features on PorschePerfect.com, but it’s one of my favorite because it keeps me up on the weird Porsche happenings in the world. Here’s what I have for this week:

No more mafia Porsches for the Italian police – I thought this was pretty cool when I first read it. Bust a mafia crime boss, get a sweet Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini to use in fighting crime. Turns out an unexpected downside of driving a high end exotic is the cost to maintain it. The maintenance and parts costs (about the cost of buying 2 of their standard issue Fiats every year) are what are responsible for closing the program that only lasted a year. Italian news reported it’s the end of the Miami Vice era. [Via Telegraph.co.uk]

100 new apprentices at Porsche – About 2 weeks ago, Porsche fired up 100 new apprentices to join the 250 apprentices it already has working at various locations of the company. That’s a pretty impressive number with A LOT of young people getting some great exposure at a world class company. All sorts of opportunities for different training and hands on education exist for those wanting to apprentice at Porsche. [Via OneEightTurbo.com]

Porsche’s electric sports car plans – New Porsche president and CEO, Michael Macht, announced recently that Porsche is “considering and working hard on an electric-powered sports car.” Now…does that mean Porsche is considering it or working hard on it? He also made the following statement at a recent press conference: “I am also convinced that one day Porsche will have an electric sports car in its line-up.” Be interesting to see what they come up with. Maybe they should be talking to RUF. Their electric 911 looked promising. [Via Jalopnik.com]

Can’t afford to own a Porsche Panamera? Just rent one! – Yes, even us mere Porsche enthusiasts can join in the Porsche Panamera craze thanks to Avis. Even if you can’t afford to own your own Panamera, you can still rent both the Panamera S and Panamera 4S models at your favorite major city and airport Avis locations in Germany. Prices will start at $278 a day. Heck, I’d save up and do that! There’s room for 4. We each take 6 hours and it’s only $69.50 each. Who’s with me?! [Via EGMCarTech.com]


  1. lol – I had to read through the apprentice post a couple of times. It makes sense once read enough times, but I don’t think ‘fired’ is the best way to describe recently ‘hired’ apprentices. 😀

  2. Ryan, I enjoy this posting, I like hearing things related to porsche that you might not find in Autoweek. I do miss the weekly picture though.

  3. I`m with you on renting the Panamera for a spell….but it has to be an “S” 🙂

  4. If they bring that Panamera rental to the US – I am definitely in. Although I assume in the US it would be more like $400 – 500/day.