Weekly Porsche Wrap

Porsche Panamera convertible may be in the works – Starting to see the rumor mill churn out reports of a possible 2-door Panamera convertible version. Automotive News is also speculating that a 4-door Panamera convertible could make it’s way to the lineup. I’ve always loved the Ferrari Mondial with it’s 2+2 coupe setup. I could easily get behind a Porsche Panamera set up the same way. [Via AutomobileMag.com]

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S review – I liked this guy’s review of the 2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. His opener is great and probably the same reaction we’d all have were we in his shoes: “Holy $#!+!! I can’t believe that I was driving around in a $139,070 SUV. It’s a good thing I didn’t get a copy of the window sticker for the 2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S until after I returned the vehicle. Otherwise, I might have been paralyzed with fear every time I got behind the wheel. Could this German super-SUV really be worth five times as much as a Honda CR-V?” The review is worth the quick read. [Via SUVs.About.com]

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund wants the Porsche-VW deal canceled – The 7th largest institutional investor Volkswagen AG sent a letter to the VW supervisory board saying the deal should be canceled. The fund doesn’t see the value in the deal for VW shareholders and thinks too much is being paid to Porsche. MarketWatch had this quote: “The planned deal ‘leaves the impression of being designed to suit the needs of the Porsche controlling families at the expense of Volkswagen and its non-controlling owners,’ according to the letter. It also accused Volkswagen’s board of a lack of transparency and conflicts of interest regarding the deal.” Some pretty strong statements. VW has gotta be thinking “whatever”. [Via MarketWatch.com]

Porsche is doing it’s part to help the environment – Or at least help slow the nasty effects the automotive world has on the environment. Porsche recently built a new paint shop outfitting it with the latest environmentally friendly technology. Wolfgang Leimgruber, the head of Porsche AG Production and Logistics explained it this way: “With the new paint shop, Porsche is ensuring that it will deliver surpassing quality in Zuffenhausen today and tomorrow – while also conserving resources in an exceptionally ecological and economical manner.” [Via Oneighturbo.com]

It’s BONUS time at Porsche! – As if working for one of the greatest car companies in the world wasn’t enough…how about they pitch in a 1,100 euro (about $2,335) bonus to make you feel reeeaaal lucky. That’s right, each of Porsche’s full-time employees is eligible for the bonus. Interesting timing given Porsche’s sales AND their debt-to-income ratio. [Via Straitstimes.com]


  1. Working for Porsche must be like working for a bank in the US. They see some money – not caring where it came from – and they’re rushing to pay out bonuses, regardless of current conditions or the state of business. Nice work.