Weekly Porsche Wrap

Free Porsche rental with hotel stay – Hotels are definitely getting creative with their promotions these days. This has got to be one of the best currently being offered at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Your night’s stay includes a free rental of a Porsche, Mercedes or BMW convertible. Other great promos going on include an Ink and Stay package that comes with $100 towards a tattoo and a bottle of tequila to numb the pain at the Hotel Erwin on Venice Beach. [Via LATimes.com]

September sales are up for Porsche Cars North America – Up 8% in September over last year’s numbers, the second month in a row Porsche reported an increase. Sales are still down 32% for the year, but at least this marks a decent upwards trend. The hottest car for Porsche right now is the 911. [Via Targana.com]

Don’t like the way you smell? Porsche Design has you covered. – Literally…they have your smell covered! Porsche Design is releasing a new fragrance for men developed by Anne Flipo. “With this combination of freshness and aromatic, woody facets ‘The Essence Intense’ is a perfume of contrasts.” Ohhhhhhh. [Via Now Smell This]

Still want to win a Porsche? – Then you’re in luck! As long as you’re either dang lucky or really good at poker. PokerStars is giving away a Porsche Cayman S in it’s online poker tournament. Be a pretty cool tournament to win. Course I suck at poker! [Via PokerNewsDaily.com]

Is a high mileage Boxster a good daily driver? I ran across this question/answer thread this weekend and thought it was interesting. Especially considering I think the Boxster could easily be a Porsche you could “drive for free”. There are some amazing deals on these cars right now with lots of solid ones still going for under $10k. The thread isn’t long, but worth a quick read. [Via ennvy.com]


  1. That is a really cool deal to get the use of a Porsche if you stay at their hotel in Beverly Hills. I would be up for that.

    Might have to try some of that Porsche Design fragrance also…

  2. hotel erwin is whack,
    it used to be popular and good prior to the current management. Theyve tried to upgrade it…and its in venice!! talk about taking away its character